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MK 670A MKC Digital Marketing and E Commerce Reflective Essay

MK 670A

Milton Keynes College


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Tentative MK-670A Course Outline (Details may change due to unforeseen circumstances) Week 1 Date Jan. 7 2 Jan. 14 3 Jan. 21 4 Jan. 28 5 Feb. 4 6 Feb. 11 Topic(s) ▪ Course Description and Syllabus ▪ A Review of Marketing Principles ▪ Introduction to Digital Marketing ▪ IMC and Digital Marketing as a Component of the Firm’s Marketing Strategy ▪ Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy ▪ Online Research and Metrics: ▪ Web Analytics (Google Analytics) ▪ Social Media Analytics E-commerce and websites: ▪ Website goals and conversions ▪ Website design ▪ Website evaluations ▪ E-commerce models ▪ Online consumer behavior Search Engine Optimization: ▪ On-site Optimization ▪ Off-site Optimization ▪ SEO Audit ▪ SEO Competitive Analysis Paid Search Advertising (PPC): ▪ Advertising Campaigns and Google AdWords (aka Google Ads) ▪ Setting Campaign Goals ▪ Setting up the Campaign ▪ Managing the Campaign ▪ Analyzing Results Online Advertising: ▪ Digital Display Advertising ▪ Remarketing Readings/Videos Read class syllabus Chapter 1 Chapter 10 (pg. 336 – 355) Chapter 9 and review Chapter 10 Assignments/Deliverables Look through requirements for Report # 1 of the Digital Marketing Plan; ask any questions during class. Form Groups during class; choose a company for your plan Begin working with your group on Report #1 of the Digital Marketing Plan Readings posted on Blackboard and you are encouraged to do your own research to supplement them. In-class Assignment 1 Chapter 2 In-class Assignment 2 Chapter 3 In-class Assignment 3 Report #1 of the Digital Marketing Plan due through Blackboard; begin work on Report #2 Report #2 of Digital Marketing Plan due thru Blackboard (today) Chapter 4 In-class Assignment 4 Individual Case study assignment reviewed– due ▪ 7 8 9 10 11 Native Advertising Feb. 18 E-M ail and SMS Marketing: ▪ Best Practices ▪ Designing Effective Email Marketing Campaigns ▪ Measuring Results Feb. 25 Social Media Marketing: ▪ Developing a Social Media Marketing Campaign ▪ Social Media Advertising ▪ Social Media Competitive Analysis Mobile Marketing and the Mar. 3 Future of Digital Marketing ▪ Mobile Web Design ▪ Marketing for the Mobile ▪ App Development ▪ Future Trends in Digital Marketing Mar 10 Team meetings for Digital Marketing Plan Reports and Presentations Mar 17 ▪ Digital Marketing Reports to be handed in 3/3 Chapter 5 In-class Assignment 5 Discuss Reflective paper due 3/24 Chapters 6 & 7 In-class Assignment 6 Chapter 8 In-class Assignment 7 Submit your assigned Individual Case Study (via Blackboard) before class. ▪ ▪ Team Meetings Online questions as part of final exam grade Final Digital Marketing Reports due online; presentations done in class today; online essay due today 12 Mar 24 ▪ Reflective Paper due online before class today Reflective Presentations will be done in class today; paper due online before class. Reflection Essay: “What will I do in my future activities like my job in light of the new learning provided?” Maintain a professional or academic tone. Use critical thinking skills. The paper should be written in an essay format so give your reflective paper structure with an opening paragraph, main body, and conclusion. Include in-text references and a reference page must be cited using APA citation formatting. A reflective paper is your chance to add your thoughts and analysis to what you have read and the exercises you worked on. A reflective paper is meant to illustrate your understanding of the material and how it affects your ideas and possible practice in future. Begin by jotting down some of the reading material and exercises that stand out in your mind. These can be some of the main themes. Decide why they stand out to you. Using the first person singular (“I”), relate a few of the readings and exercises to your previous knowledge and experience. Consider if and how what you have read and learned changes your thinking and might affect your practice in both personal and professional situations by asking APA Format, 3-page max not including title and reference page. ...
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Reflection essay
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Reflection essay

Reading materials and assignments that stand out in my mind
The proliferation of e-commerce and websites is one of the reading materials that stand
out. There is an apparent buzz to go online, and the recent few years have seen many companies
moving online. Even the companies that still maintain their brick and mortar stores, having an
online working presence remains vital. Google reports that about 97% of consumers these days
use the internet to find products and services, further emphasizing the impetus for e-commerce
and websites (Holden, 2019). Along with e-commerce, the section on website design and
evaluation and e-commerce model also stood out. Going digital is not about creating a website
alone. There are many things involved in developing a successful online presence and
functionality. The section stood out because it touched on some of the essential things when
deciding to transi...

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