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  • Enterprise System Recommendation SugarSquared, Inc. manufactures candy in Riyadh and distributes its products throughout the KSA. The organization has over 300 employees in three locations. Its functional business units currently work in silos, with data pertaining to their various departments held in separate, legacy systems. The company’s revenues are growing, and it has an online retail site.

    You have been tasked with recommending an enterprise system to senior management. Address the following:
    • Which type of enterprise system would you recommend? Why?
    • What are the benefits of implementing such a system?
    • What challenges do you foresee in implementing this system? How would you address these?
    • What are some of the vendors that offer such systems? Is there one that’s preferable given the organization’s needs? Why? What business factors should be addressed in order to make this determination? Explain.
    Your well-written report should be 4-5 pages in length, not including the cover and reference pages. Use Saudi Electronic University academic writing standards and APA style guidelines, citing at least two scholarly references, as appropriate.

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Enterprise System Recommendation
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Enterprise System Recommendation
Customer Relationship Management
Organizations and enterprises usually tend to pay much attention to matters about efficiency
and effectiveness in a bid to achieve proper planning and coordination of the business, and have
a grip control of the same (Weedmark, 2018). To achieve this control, efficiency, and
effectiveness, various types of organizations thereby employ multiple enterprise systems, which
seek to affirm their position in the business. Virtually, in this day, most major companies have
embraced and implemented either one or more enterprise systems.
Customer relationship management in enterprise systems plays quite a significant role in
as far as increasing sales productivity through consumer management that effectively leads to
a sharp increase in sales (Weedmark, 2018). Customer relations aid the management in
determining the desires of the clients; hence the behavior concerned with procurement gets
addressed systematically. The quality of the products thus gets increased, and the enterprise can
still predict their sales in the future accordingly, planning better for the same.
Customer relation management has several features key among them the mobile
integration that, in turn, offers more insight into customer preference. This data is essential in
establishing the feedback of the clients and helps in planning and value addition of the products
offered. CRM software thus focuses on the customer data and gets used mostly in sales,
marketing, and also i...

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