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this artifact is to have an real contract for an HR manager and thats manager will be me so this contract for me as an emirates women .

you need to imagine a new company that is already not exists .

every thing is explained in the assessment rubric .

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Employee Relations and UAE Labour Law Assessment 3: Artefact Imagine that a group of investors from North America, moved to the GCC region. They are about to establish various companies in (emirate), and to recruit employees at various levels. The regional CEO is an American businessman, who is not familiar with the local rules and practices. As a first step, he has rented a whole office building on the … Street. As a next step, now he is hiring you for the position of Human Resource Manager for the corporate division of ... (choose one): (list of potential areas) You are requested to propose your own employment contract. Please note the following: - The American CEO is not familiar with local working culture (e.g. the days of the weekend, or the religious holidays). - The company has no policies or regulations yet. Start with checking the following sources: • The PowerPoint file on labour contracts • The relevant titles of the UAE Labour Code (as available on the website of UAE Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratization) • Relevant academic sources (at least two books or articles) Prepare your employment contract: • Use a template from the Internet. • Add all the compulsory and at least five optional elements. • Be as specific and detailed as possible (e.g. add the figures for your salary and benefits, give details of religious holidays, etc.). • Meet the formal expectations (length, formatting, etc.). • Add two appendices: 1. a one-pager on your proposed job description, with reference to the managerial level and to sector/industry-specific issues (use min. 2 professional websites for preparing the job description); and 2. a bibliography (list of sources you have used: PowerPoints, websites, academic sources, etc.). PROJECT LENGTH – min. 2 pages (A4 size, standard formatting), plus appendices MARKING – The marking criteria (rubrics) for the project are attached for your reference. WEIGHT OF THIS ASSESSMENT IN FINAL GRADE: 20% 1 MARKING CRITERIA Evidence Required Marks available / Attained 0-20% Not addressed or submitted: answers few areas, unclear throughout; shows very limited understanding of issue 40% Minimal coverage: many areas or many places unclear; shows limited or incomplete understanding of issue 60% Some coverage: answer with some areas or places unclear; shows adequate understanding of issue 80% Substantial coverage: answers all areas clearly; shows a good overall understanding of issue 100% Full coverage with application: answers all areas very clearly; shows excellent understanding of issue All COMPULSORY elements are included, in proper format and with specific details (5 x 6 marks) 30 marks 0-6 6.1 - 12 12.1 - 18 18.1 - 24 24.1 - 30 Min. 5 OPTIONAL elements are included, in proper format and with specific details (5 x 6 marks) 30 marks 0-6 6.1 - 12 12.1 - 18 18.1 - 24 24.1 - 30 JOB DESCRIPTION with sector/industry specific information & BIBLIOGRAPHY with all expected sources used are appended (10 + 5 marks) 15 marks 0-3 3.1 - 6 6.1 - 9 9.1 - 12 12.1 - 15 English language – band 6 • Appropriate use of vocabulary • Work is spell and grammar checked • Following HCT formatting requirements 25 marks SEE SEPARATE ENGLISH MARKING SHEET ASSESSOR: FINAL GRADE: /100 = ENGLISH CRITERIA WRITTEN LANGUAGE Grammar GRM Vocabulary VOC Spelling / punctuation 1 2 Lack of accuracy in simple and complex sentences Accuracy in most simple sentences, though errors occur and complex sentences rare Vocab limited and errors frequent Vocab very limited and inappropriate – errors throughout Errors frequent and affect flow/meaning of content Errors frequent, but not affecting meaning 1 Little attempt to follow formatting conventions (4 or more problem areas) 2 Formatting is attempted but often incorrect (3 problem areas) 3 (HCT writing band 6) Good accuracy in simple sentences – complex sentences limited and with errors Vocab choice generally appropriate and accurate – although errors Errors occur regularly 4 5 Score Good accuracy in both simple and complex sentences – though errors sometimes occur Vocab choice shows more flexibility – though errors Strong range of sentences – errors infrequent Occasional errors Largely error free (occasional lapse) 3 Formatted correctly in most respects (2 problem areas) 4 Formatted correctly in all areas (only 1 problem areas) 5 Correct formatting throughout (No problem areas) Score 5 Referenced fully and accurately (No problem areas) Score Good range of vocab – errors infrequent SP FORMATTING Following HCT formatting requirements for reports 1. title page 6. line spacing REFERENCING Following HCT APA referencing conventions (use 1-4 for reports without charts/pics or 1-6 with charts/pics) REF 2. contents page 7. sections & paragraph spacing 3. margins 4. page numbers 8. level 1&2 headings 9. bullets and numbering 1 Little attempt to follow referencing conventions (problems in all areas) 1. in text sources in brackets 5. chart /pictures captions 2 Referencing attempted, but often inaccurate (3 problem areas or 4-5 problem areas if using charts/pictures) 2. references 6. chart/pictures in-text bracketed refs 5. font consistency 10. separate appendix page 3 Generally appropriate number and use of citations – although repeated errors may occur in 1 or 2 areas below (2 problem areas or 2-3 problem areas if using charts/pictures) 3. quotations 4 Referenced well with minor omissions/errors (i.e. incorrect use of intext reference) (only 1 problem area) 4. paraphrasing BUS 4313 Assessment 3 Checklist A. Prepare the employment contract on a letterhead with the company logo not exist in uae . B. Follow the instructions on the rubric. C. Mandatory elements 1. Details of the parties. • • Employer (company) name and address Employee name and address 2. Position 3. Start date (day #1 at work) 4. Limited or unlimited contract(you should work with unlimited ). 5. Date of the contract 6. Salaries – Salaries and Benefits D. Optional elements 1. Probation period 2. Working hours (per day, per week, breaks, overtime) 3. Gratuity 4. Leaves (annual, sick, maternity / paternity, Haj) 5. Not included in your PowerPoint. You are required to search and add an optional element. E.g. performance reviews/termination clause ( I have add an additional information which can help .) E. Appendix 1. Job description F. References 1. Follow APA guidelines The content of employment contracts HRM 4003 Employee Relations and UAE Labour Law WEEK 11 General content of contracts • Information about the parties – name, address, ID numbers (personal and organizational registration numbers), bank account details • Signatures • Consideration of, and reference to any relevant laws (applicable external rules) Mandatory elements of the employment contract • • • • • • Who is doing what? = Details of the parties What to do? = Position When to start? = Day #1 at work) For how long? = Limited or unlimited contract For how much? = Salary & benefits When did the parties agree? = Date of the contract Optional elements Is there a detailed HR policy / regulations or not? If not, the following are important to agree: • Probation period • Working hours (per day, per week, breaks, overtime) • Basic pay vs total pay (salary & benefits) • Leaves (annual, sick, maternity / paternity, Haj) Formation of employment contracts HRM 4003 Employee Relations and UAE Labour Law WEEK 10 The legal aspects of recruitment and selection The job advertisement • equal opportunities (gender issues – what does the UAE Constitution say about it?) • non-discrimination and affirmative action (Western principles; “Emiratization”) The interview process – what you can ask, and what you should not? (e.g. dealing with female applicants) Verification of documents (attestation, fake degrees or letters of recommendation) The employment contract The parties: employer and employee - Are they equal? When is the employer or the employee in a better position? (Think of demand and supply on the labour market) - The main duties of the parties: • Employer – working conditions, performance expectations, payment of salary and benefits • Employee – proper use of working environment, meeting expectations, updating skills Format of the employment contract • Written, instead of verbal agreement (details of the agreement, evidence of promises) • Hardcopy or softcopy? (importance of authentication of online documents, requirements by local authorities) • Additional documents: special permits/licenses related to certain jobs & professions • Foreign workers: visa & work permit, language Termination of employment contracts HRM 4003 Employee Relations and UAE Labour Law WEEK 12 Limited or unlimited contract? • Depending on the type of the employment contract, the contract may expire • Parties should communicate about possible renewal of a limited contract • In case of non-renewal the employer should deal with the leaving employee (e.g. gratuity payment) Objective reasons of termination • Employee’s side – death or health issues (unfit for work) • Employer’s side – structural issues (reorganization of the activities and the organizational structure, financial issues, merger with another company, decision of owners to dissolve the company) Subjective reasons • Employee’s side – submitting notice of leaving, respecting the notice period • Employer’s side – informing the employee with appropriate reasoning, mostly performance-related issues (result of regular evaluations and unsuccessful corrective action) or behavioural issues (grave or repeated disciplinary issues); respecting the notice period • No reasoning needed during probation Possible issues • Legal dispute over reasoning • Dispute related to financial issues (e.g. calculation and payment of gratuity) • Restriction of joining a competitor (protection of business secrets) • Visa issues ...
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Running Head: CONTRACT


Institution Affiliation


Employment Agreement Form.

1. Details of the Parties
Emeralds Business Consultants,
Po Box 12, Al Diyafa Street, Dubai.
Tel: +971(0) 621098765
Employee: Fatma Omar
Email Address:
Nationality: United Arabs Emirates
ID no. : 342568974519967
Mobile: 052 567 4555
Tel: +971 (0) 63241598
Po Box: 10 Sharjah
2. Preamble

Based on mutually beneficial understanding and pact between the contract parties to lender their
services and compensation accordingly, the following conditions and terms are set forth.
3. Position
As a Human Resource Manager at the Operations Division, the Employee shall professionally
conduct all the duties and responsibilities designated to them. It is Employees duty to perform
any other arising responsibilities as assigned by the Employer.
4. Start Date
The contract will commence effective immediately on 1/4/2020.
5. Contract Type
This is an unlimited contract. Termination is only by mutual agreement between the contract
6. Date of Contract
The contract is dated 22/3/2020.
7. Employment
The Employee shall perform all the assigned duties and responsibilities as outlined by the
Employer. The Employee shall at all-time conform to the companies rules and policies while
following all the procedures.
8. Salary




As remuneration for the works delivered, the Operative shall be paid a salary of 17500aed per
month, subject to standard statutory deductions by the Employer. This salary is subject to annual
9. Leaves/Paid Time off
The Employee shall be entitled to 30 days of vacation per year. Thirty personal or sick days.
Forty-five days of maternity leave.
Bereavement Leave if necessary.
10. Termination
This agreement and employment may be terminated if a written notice is given to the Employer
at least 30 days in advance. The Employers may terminate this contract if the Employee has
violated the conditions under Article 120 of UAE labor law (“UAE Labor Law,”2007).
The Employee may terminate the agreement as per Article 120 of UAE labor laws if the
Employer does not oblige.
11. Working Hours
The employee is expected to work 8 hours per day, five days a week. Any overtime shall be
appropriately compensated.
12. Benefits
The Company shall make available to the Employee a timely Health plan and social security
benefits (“Employment Agreement,”2017).
13. Non- Competition and Confidentiality

The Employee shall maintain optimum level of confidentiality on company matters. Employees
must not engage in business with competing companies.
14. Jurisdiction
This contract shall be governed and interpreted according to the Laws of UAE.
Employee's Name: Fatma Omar
Employee Signature: F.O.
Employers Representative: Susan Jacob (Lawyer)
Employers Rep signature: S.J.
Date 22/3/2020.



1. Job Description of a Human Resource Operations Manager
Job Brief
The H.R. Operating Manager oversees all the activities of a human resource department while

providing support to the employees. The responsibilities of the HRO manager include reviewing
and approving budgets, implementation of new company policies, and the maintenance of the
internal H.R. systems (“Human Resource Manager Job Description and Salary,”2020). The
success in this field requires a degree in Human Resource Management in conjunction with the
relevant work experience in senior-level positions.

Designing and implementation of the companies H.R. policies

Monitoring of the H.R. systems and databases (“HR Operations Manager job description
template | Workable,”2020).

Software recommendation for addressing employees' needs.

Reporting of the cost incurred in the H.R. department to the senior management of the

Evaluation of Key H.R. merits for performance monitoring.

Consult with the staff and managers on the policies and procedures of the company.

Top-notch analytical and decision-making skills.


Excellent team management skills (...

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