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Scanned with CamScanner Scanned with CamScanner Scanned with CamScanner Scanned with CamScanner Scanned with CamScanner Scanned with CamScanner Scanned with CamScanner Scanned with CamScanner Scanned with CamScanner 16 January 2020 Prompt for Class Presentation: Spring 2020 This assignment asks you to demonstrate your critical reading, researching, synthesizing, and writing skills such by conducting a research about the autobiographical, cultural, and historical contexts behind the creation of the work you have chosen for class presentation. Keeping this in mind, i) find two to three relevant and reliable sources that shed light on authorial intent in writing the book as well as the cultural and historical context of production; ii) read these sources carefully; and iii) in view of your growing knowledge about the role time, place, and authorial intent played in shaping the work, develop a critical stance (or formulate an argument). On the presentation day, you will have to refer to and analyze scenes, sections, dialogues, and passages from the book in support of your argument. Suggestions As you critically examine the sources, i) capture their main ideas and ii) generate at least 5 questions that you think will engage your colleagues in complex thinking about major themes in the text. Structure your presentation in any format you would prefer, but on the presentation day, please make sure to do one or more of the following: • • • Introduce the author, give a brief overview of his or her career, and referencing the sources you have consulted as well as notes you have prepared, interpret the work situating it within its literary, cultural, and historical contexts Divide the class into small groups and facilitate group discussions Ask your classmates to free write for 1-2 minutes in response to the readings for the day Note: Remember that your presentation should help the class view the work differently and in a more productive way. ...
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Anna Castillo
• Ann is an American poet who writes her poems in Spanish.
• She was born in Chicago inner city in 1953.
• She went to jones commercial high school, Chicago city
College and Northeastern Illinois university.
• She holds a masters degree in Latin American and Caribbean
studies from the University of Chicago.
• She holds a doctorate degree in American studies from
university of Bremen ,Germany.
• She worked at the faculty at DePaul University in Chicago.

Literacy works /career
• She started writing poetry while in college.
• Her first poetry collection was The Invitation, written in
1979.It was originally written in Spanish but translated to
English by Carol Maier.
• Her second poetry collection, Women Are Not Roses, Written
in 1984 threshed her into the national limelight.
• An epistolary novel, The Mixquiahuala letters, was first
published in 1986 by a small press and later republished by
Doubleday in 1992.
• The Mixquiahuala letters, is entirely about obsession and
betrayal. It dictates th...

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