CSCI 1170 DU Fixing Errors in Inherited Code Base & Styling the Web Page

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The purpose of this assignment is for you to understand how to fix errors in a codebase that you inherit and style the web page to meet requirements.

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2020/3/22 A3 - Description - CSCI1170 - Intro to Web Design & Devel. (Sec 1 & 2) - 2020 Winter Changelog Version 1.0: Initial specification (28 Feb 2020), Raghav Sampangi. Version 1.1: Clarification -- add HTML element to create table for grade components, but add no other HTML elements. ~~~ Purpose The purpose of this assignment is for you to understand how to fix errors in a codebase that you inherit and style the web page to meet requirements. This assignment also simulates situations that you may encounter in your professional careers, i.e. you may be put on projects in which you do not have a lot of context other than a knowledge of how the finished product needs to look like and behave. You will need to make assumptions and ask for clarification when/where necessary to complete your task. When is the assignment due? Saturday, 14 March 2020 (11:30pm) (submit in the submission drop box below this set of instructions) Start your assignment submission at 11:00pm to give yourself plenty of time -- if you start your submission at 11:29pm, it may not complete before 11:30pm and Brightspace will disable submissions precisely at the deadline. Late submissions and email submissions WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Can we work on this assignment individually or in groups? Individually. You are expected to complete all tasks individually and submit it yourself. Dalhousie's academic integrity rules apply. What do I do if I have any questions about the assignment? Your first point of contact is your course instructor(s). If you need any help on some concepts, you may also consider using the Learning Centre and Lab/Tutorial hours offered by your course TAs (schedule available on Brightspace). Expectations, stated simply You are expected to fix errors and make the web page appear as described in the video here: Expectations, in detail 1. STEP 1: Download the assignment folder ( This folder has a folder named www and a folder named files. Find and fix all errors in the HTML. Use the HTML file with all errors fixed to continue with the next task. 2. STEP 2: Make assumptions on design decisions: Summarize any assumptions and design decisions that you make to develop the web page in 1/4 2020/3/22 A3 - Description - CSCI1170 - Intro to Web Design & Devel. (Sec 1 & 2) - 2020 Winter In this file, write any assumptions that you need to make to style the web page in the way that is expected in the video. Take a look at the video and make notes to help you with this activity, because there are some simple behaviours that you will need to implement as well. The video serves as a good way to give you an idea of how the web page layout should be. YOU MUST use the following values for these properties (do not change them): Width of the body should be set to 1200px. The "gold" colour is represented by #F2AC00. The "dark grey" colour is represented by #707372. 3. STEP 3: Styling the web page: Create a stylesheet named styles.css in the folder named css present inside www. Specify style definitions using elements, class, ID and pseudo-class selectors, as appropriate, to make the web page appear as demonstrated in the video. Summarize any assumptions and design decisions that you make to develop the web page in 4. STEP 4: Validate your web page and stylesheet: Validate HTML markup using the W3C HTML validator: Use this service to fix any errors that you may have. Save the report from the validator as PDF -- W3C-index.pdf Note -- the validator does not give you the option to download the report as PDF. You will need to use the "Print as PDF" option available in web browsers. Validate CSS using the W3C CSS validator: Save the report from the validator as PDF -- W3C-styles.pdf 5. STEP 5: What (and where) do I submit? A single ZIP file named Replace "LASTNAME", "FIRSTNAME" and "B00XXXXXX" with your last name, first name and B00 number. RAR or 7Z or folders compressed using other formats are not acceptable. Your assignment will not be graded and you will get zero (0) marks if you submit using formats other than ZIP. Submit the single ZIP file in the assignment submission module below these instructions. The above ZIP file should contain a folder named A3 that should have the folder structure specified in the image below (also included as a separate file below, in case the image does not load), with files/documents in the specified file formats. Failure to follow specified formats will lead to a 10 mark penalty on the assignment: 2/4 2020/3/22 6. A3 - Description - CSCI1170 - Intro to Web Design & Devel. (Sec 1 & 2) - 2020 Winter STEP 6: Marking and rubric This assignment will be evaluated for 100 marks, based on the following marking categories: 40 marks (2 marks x 20 errors): Error correction 60 marks: CSS styling 5 marks: Citations Citations must be included in and in the code if you have used any external resources to learn about specific code segments. (A downloadable version of the rubric will be made available shortly.) What can or can't we use to style elements in this assignment? DO NOT use CSS Grids or Flexbox. You can use a combination of dimension properties, padding/margins, floats, etc., i.e. fundamental CSS concepts. Can we add new elements to the web page? DO NOT add any new elements in the page . You may or may not need to use additional an element in the page Just use CSS to make it appear as expected. :) 3/4 2020/3/22 A3 - Description - CSCI1170 - Intro to Web Design & Devel. (Sec 1 & 2) - 2020 Winter 4/4 DalOnline CSCI 1170: Intro. to Web Design and Development About Grading scheme Details Brightspace Search: Exams Assignments Contact ABOUT THIS COURSE Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nulla sit amet sodales justo. Sed sollicitudin, mauris non rhoncus cursus, enim eros consequat arcu, ac dictum dolor turpis quis turpis. Morbi lobortis, lacus egestas interdum consectetur, eros dui maximus nibh, ac sollicitudin nunc nibh eu arcu. Mauris tincidunt iaculis odio, eget gravida nulla dignissim a. Etiam varius felis id maximus mattis. In quis condimentum lectus, quis placerat erat. Vivamus et consectetur odio, ac finibus tellus. Suspendisse scelerisque est elementum, vulputate leo quis, congue dolor. Integer id tempus dui. Nunc rutrum tincidunt sem vitae faucibus. Maecenas vel diam quis purus tincidunt luctus. Aliquam erat volutpat. Mauris viverra magna felis, porta consequat urna sodales eget. Nam venenatis vestibulum sem, et pretium sapien. Donec consequat mauris ac justo condimentum sagittis. Quisque in mollis risus. Nam ligula tellus, tincidunt sed purus non, bibendum facilisis lacus. Suspendisse in magna mollis, vehicula lectus ac, consectetur massa. In quis ligula venenatis, ullamcorper erat vel, luctus sem. Praesent maximus odio et tristique eleifend. Praesent nulla est, aliquet eget ante ut, scelerisque suscipit justo. Etiam eget sodales ex, in ullamcorper dolor. GRADING SCHEME Components Grade % Assignments: 30% Labs: 20% Participation: 10% Module Exam 1: 10% Module Exam 2: 10% Final Exam: 20% COURSE DETAILS Nulla eu nisi nec leo placerat fringilla. Etiam varius nisi eget venenatis porttitor. Praesent cursus est eget nisl condimentum consectetur. Phasellus leo mauris, porttitor et lobortis sit amet, auctor quis justo. Vivamus sed molestie lacus. Vivamus ut libero elit. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur non sollicitudin arcu. 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Praesent porttitor, nisi ultricies dapibus elementum, dolor nibh maximus dui, id molestie quam nisi a dui. Sed nec dictum mi. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Ut massa tellus, porttitor vel erat a, aliquam scelerisque mi. Mauris sem tortor, placerat ut cursus at, elementum quis orci. Duis a sapien a mi condimentum commodo nec id felis. Praesent pharetra sollicitudin pulvinar. Aenean ultricies mattis ex vel cursus. In eu nulla et nunc faucibus pharetra ut at orci. Suspendisse potenti. Quisque aliquet vitae felis ut hendrerit. Maecenas nec quam vitae sem facilisis laoreet. Vestibulum sed bibendum nisl. Etiam a turpis at lectus porta porta. Vestibulum suscipit molestie neque. Fusce nulla sem, feugiat nec magna nec, posuere consectetur tortor. Aenean eu sem ut felis varius auctor vitae ut sapien. Vivamus varius sit amet nisl lobortis auctor. Curabitur at quam id quam tempus ultricies. Integer ultricies nisl ac libero sollicitudin pharetra. Duis vestibulum lorem felis, eu dignissim metus pretium non. Praesent lacinia consequat leo. Proin ac purus in tellus accumsan vestibulum. Etiam bibendum sapien vitae ligula lacinia, eget suscipit orci sollicitudin. Vivamus in velit congue, faucibus ante quis, varius massa. Donec vel consequat elit. Sed id dolor libero. Morbi condimentum accumsan dui, et interdum lacus mattis eget. Nunc ut gravida s ...
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