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Given three scenarios describing culturally diverse individuals receiving care and support for either an end-of-life palliative health condition, an existing disability, or a chronic complex disorder, select one scenario that sparks a personal reaction. Examine this reaction through an exploration of your attitudes, assumptions, biases, and beliefs. Refer to the guiding questionsUse APA writing style.

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Running head: CASE 2 REFLECTION


Case 2 Reflection
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1. Describe your emotional response to this person. What made you choose this
individual and not one of the others?
My choice is case two of Juanita undergoing care in her old age and manifesting with
dementia. My emotional response was feeling sorry for her and said that the misfortune is
happening to her. The situation is adverse since the challenge is worse, and she has lost all the
memory and keeps on stressing her children with the memory of their father. I chose Juanita’s
case because the little children witnessed her change in health status and experienced worse
outcomes and making situations different from the expectations. In an effective manner, it was
necessary to take care of her, but she is sensitive and delicate based on how she handles the
Additionally, I made a choice because the woman needs added care since she has no life
partner, and dementia is a harmful disease of the elderly. Memory loss and inability to
comprehend situations increase vulnerability and challenges that limit the expectations and
quality outcomes and healthcare (Peixoto et al., 2018). In a better way, a good strategy is
required to care for her, but her children are possibly not educated about the management of
conditions such as dementia. With the level ...

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