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BUS 3520 Methodist University Week 15 Chapter 18 Employment & Labor Law Paper

BUS 3520

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BUS3520 Discussion Board use two outside sources pertaining to chapts 15.

Discussion Board Requirement: You need to post something from an outside source that is pertinent to the chapters of the week. Then, you need to monitor your thread and respond to any students on your thread. In addition, you need to respond to two other threads. Links to videos and articles are encouraged, as are asking thoughtful questions on the topic.

Week 15 - Ending Sunday, April 19, 2020

Week 15

Discuss: Reading: Chapter 18: Employment & Labor Law

Chapter 19: Employment Discrimination

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Discussion Board
Labor and employment laws are essential to ensure the proper care and treatment
of workers within any industry. According to Edwards and Robinson (2012, 4), labor
law typically covers the particulars of the interactions between employers, employees,
and unions. Employment law, on the other hand, has a wider definition that
encompasses the agreeme...

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