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Consider the following scenario:

Your 2 p.m. client, Rafael, identifies as a Hispanic male client born in Mexico but living in our country since he was 8 years old. Rafael’s cultural identification is different than how you identify, and he is very nervous about using medications to treat his symptoms of anxiety that are leading to frequent panic attacks. It is important to take into consideration what he learned from his Hispanic culture about mental health and substance use disorders, anxiety, and appropriate/sanctioned versus unsanctioned treatments.

Write out a mini script showing what you, Rafael’s counselor, might say to Rafael.

Complete and submit a mini-script responding to Rafael by:

  • Discussing the fact that anxiety is not a character or personality flaw but a biological response,
  • Exploring how medications can be a useful tool for someone struggling with significant anxiety,
  • Demonstrating cultural sensitivity and humility towards his concerns, and
  • Offering one or more empathetic responses towards his concerns.

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Final Answer


Mini-Script about Rafael

(New York Psychiatry Group, 2 p.m. A knock is heard at the main door which subsequently
opens. A middle-aged man walks into the door and heads to the front desk and takes a seat in
front of me).

Me: Good morning and welcome to New York Psychiatry Group.
Rafael: Thank you.
Me: I am ENTER YOUR NAME. How can I help you?
Rafael: I am Rafael, a Mexican American. I have lived in this country since I was eight years
old. In recent months, I have been feeling excessive anxiety even in minor situations. I
sought help from close friends but all they seemed to suggest is that I take medicine to
ease the condition. The problem is that my culture does not encourage taking medicine
for mental conditions. It could be extremely shameful if people found out. I am so
confused and that is why I came here to seek professional help. Is this condition common
and how often do people experience it?
Me: Anxiety disorder is common in most ethnic groups living ...

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