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I need support with this Philosophy question so I can learn better.

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Are Machine Ethics moral? You decide. Discuss this thoroughly. Take the Moral Machine Test and see what you find. Respond with your opinions and insight on your findings. 10 sentences minimum

About Moral Machine:

From self-driving cars on public roads to self-piloting reusable rockets landing on self-sailing ships, machine intelligence is supporting or entirely taking over ever more complex human activities at an ever increasing pace. The greater autonomy given machine intelligence in these roles can result in situations where they have to make autonomous choices involving human life and limb. This calls for not just a clearer understanding of how humans make such choices, but also a clearer understanding of how humans perceive machine intelligence making such choices.

Recent scientific studies on machine ethics have raised awareness about the topic in the media and public discourse. This website aims to take the discussion further, by providing a platform for 1) building a crowd-sourced picture of human opinion on how machines should make decisions when faced with moral dilemmas, and 2) crowd-sourcing assembly and discussion of potential scenarios of moral consequence.

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Running head: MORAL MACHINES


Moral Machines
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Moral Machine

It was breathtaking to perform the thirteen scenarios provided as I was faced with major
ethical situations. There are no-win situations, and situations outcome had negative results.
Although there were no right or wrong answers in the scenario...

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