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Topic: Business Process Examples

This Discussion should help prepare you for the Assignment in Unit 2, in which you will select the process that you may be using for subsequent Assignments. As part of your preparation, also read the Assignment instructions.

Take extra time this week to read what kinds of processes are being described by your classmates. Use the Discussion to focus on a good selection for your Assignment.

For this Discussion topic, do the following:

Describe two examples of a business process from your professional experience. For each process, follow this format and number your sections for each example as you clearly state the following:

  1. The objective.
  2. The scope (where the process begins and ends).
  3. A brief description of those involved. (Is this a one-person process, or do multiple people get involved?)
  4. How BPM would help in this process.

Will be used for Assignment next week.

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Running Head: PART 1


Part 1 Business Process Management Discussion

Part 1 Business Process Management Discussion
Topic: Business Process Examples
Based on personal experience, one of the examples of a business process intended to use
is the procurement of raw ma...

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Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.

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