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Variable Pay-for-Performance Plan
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Variable Pay-for-Performance Plan
Variable Pay-for-Performance Plan is a strategy employed by organizations in giving the
employees bonuses as a way of motivation. This can only be possible if both the employee and
the company have succeeded in achieving the objectives and targets concerning production and
profits. The amount of bonus to be awarded to employees depends on how well the organization
performs during a particular period and how well the employee performs in the same specific
period (Cox 2016). Due to its effectiveness in helping organizations achieve their set goals, the
policy has, in recent days, become very popular in organizations.
Its popularity is mainly derived from the advantages that it brings along with its
implementation within an organization. The most significant benefit of the Variable Pay-forPerformance Plan is the fact that it enhances motivation among employees. An extra payment
from the basic salary is an incentive that can drive positive morale towards performing best in
the line of duty (Cox 2016). The poss...

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