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You are expected to write reviews of the week’s reading and videos for the discussion, these reviews should include current examples, opinions, and references and be at least 1000 words. The minimum requirements in this course are for your assignments to be graded. If the discussion does not meet 1000 word requirement it will not be graded and will be assigned a grade of “0”. The review must be on topics covered. Please do not beat around the bush and be percise in your writing!

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Running head: Review Summary

Review Summary

Review Summary

In this episode the key person is James O’Shaughnessy, American investor. He is the CEO and
founder of O'Shaughnessy Asset Management, which is based in Stamford. He also founded a
quantitative stock investing realm. According to James, when people invest in the stock, they
firstly feel it hard and tend to decide on quitting. Investors need to understand predictive metrics
to make it in the daily market comprehensively. Investors use the wrong methods to invest and
don't appreciate the fact that things don't work out positively all the time in the market. Sales
growth should not be used by investors as the primary metric to look at in the market cycle,
especially in three years and below, at least five years and above is acceptable. For example, the
Coronavirus pandemic is something the investors should consider as a challenge before rushing
to invest. Some of the companies will struggle during this pandemic (McKeever, 2020). Using
short time frames is also a big problem for most of the investors because of greed; long time
frames are the best. For example, investments for five years and above have low risk and can be
more profitable than those of one year or so. Probability should be used instead of depending on
the possibility o...

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