Role of CSR in Improving the Banking Sector Ada Rural Bank Case Study

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  1. Contact an organization with a problem or issue which needs to be solved & through the interviewing process, determine the organization's view of the problem or issue.
  2. Employ the critical thinking process to determine a broad way to "solve" the problem, two ways to implement the solution, & choose the one, "best" way to solve the problem.
  3. Utilize research journals & personal interviews to explain in detail the background of the problem or issue.
  4. Produce a 15-20 page content document with appropriate APA citations which outlines the results of the research.
  5. Utilize a minimum of 8 sources; this includes at least 1 academic source from UIU's online library & up to 3 personal interviews (The interview component is worth about 25% of the overall value of the final paper.).
  6. Demonstrate knowledge of specific criteria related to general education learning outcomes as well as learning outcomes related to the major as seen in the final document.

Also, from personal experience, this paper does not have to solve the problems of the world! By the time you identify the issue and follow the required steps you will meet the paper length!

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