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As tension and discord are unavoidable (and, some would argue, to be sought after), how can we get better at navigating these moments and conflict-prone relationships? Trial and error, reflection, and building an expertise on the topic can work together to accelerate this process and help us be more nimble and adept at navigating discord. Ponder a time when you experienced discord with someone and hit the definition of conflict. Using the terminology from the readings, tell us the story about this conflict moment. Explore the underlying sources of conflict (from your perspective): • • • • What did you do in the moment to handle the situation you pondered in Step 1? What happened as a result of how you handled the situation? That is, what seemed to be the outcome or the array of consequences, both to the relationship and to the task or goal? What do you wish you had done differently? Or, what could you have done differently and why? Identify any potential barriers to resolving the conflict. Your reflection on a conflict moment should be between 1-2 pages. ...
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Short essay on dissecting the conflict
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Conflict refers to the existence of a dispute between parties due to different reasons. The
leading cause of conflict is due to a lack of common interest between the parties. Conflict destroys
the existing relationship between the involved parties (Nguyen et a...

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