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In this assignment, you will analyze the implications of an ethical issue according to your worldview.

Write a 1,000-1,500 word essay in which you analyze ethical thinking and use values-based decision making to address a case study from the perspective of the Christian
worldview as compared to your own worldview assumptions. Choose one case study from the five options listed on the “Ethical Dilemmas” document.(I will attach this

After an appropriate introductory paragraph with a thesis statement in which you name the scenario you are choosing, address each of the following six sections with at
least one paragraph each. Use the underlined titles for each of your headings.

1.Ethical Dilemma: Briefly describe the ethical dilemma in your own words, including (a) what in the scenario makes it difficult to make an ethical decision and (b) at
least two options for resolving the scenario, providing a brief overview of what sort of ethical decisions each option might make.

2.Core Beliefs: What beliefs about God and humanity from the Christian worldview are relevant to the scenario? How might these core worldview commitments of Christians
influence one’s decision making with regard to this scenario?

3.Resolution: Describe the Christian worldview’s proposal for resolving the ethical dilemma. How should the person in the scenario act according to the Christian
worldview? What is the best course of action for a Christian? (Note: The resolution should be consistent with Christian worldview commitments.)

4.Evaluation: What might be the unintended consequences and perceived benefits of the resolution proposed by the Christian worldview?

5.Comparison: How does the Christian worldview’s resolution compare to another option?

6.Conclusion: Synthesize the main points, pulling the ideas of the paper together.

Use and cite two course resources (textbook, lectures, and the Bible (I will provide the textbook and lecture to you)), and at least two scholarly sources from the
library that address the issue from opposing sides.

Use this as one of your references it is my textbook:

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Ethical Thinking

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Ethical Thinking
Ethical thinking is the way people think about values and staying positive, and they
exercise those values in solving a problem. Thus, ethical thinking people always want to remain
positive, by impacting others, and they always try to take ethical responsibilities. Ethical thinking
makes decisions based on their core values despite the pressures they might face. In this essay, we
are going to look at a moral thinking leader, from our perspective and the perspective of a Christian
minded individual. From a Christian point of view, ethical thinking can be viewed as virtuous and
wrong behaviour. That is right or wrong, good or bad, justice and injustice, among many others
(Sun et al. 2017).
1. Ethical Dilemma
Ethical dilemmas can also be referred to as a moral dilemma. It is viewed as a problem in
decision making because it usually involves two decisions to be made, none of which is right from
an ethical point of view. This dilemma arises in many social and professional settings in everyday
life. In social and individual environments, many people especially, Christians, strive to make the
decision that always has lesser evil or sometimes try to look for an alternative all the same. Let us
analyze a situation in a professional setting where a leader or an executive takes all the credit of
the work of his or her junior staff (Furey & Martin 2018).
This situation may look tricky to the executive because he might need that credit...

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