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All health and allied-health professions have a Code of Ethics that is designed to guide those within the field.. For this assignment, if you work in an allied-health field, please locate your professional Code of Ethics. If not, please choose a Code of Ethics from the Optional reading...

1. Provide an overview of the Code of Ethics that you have chosen. What are some of the major areas that covered? Why are these important to the profession??

2. Are there areas that you think are missing and relevant to the profession? Explain why or why not. This should not be opinion but should be supported by reliable sources. For example, you can use another Code of Ethics that covers the areas that you feel are important to support your argument, or also use scholarly and professional articles.

3. Are any of the ethical principles discussed earlier in the course mentioned in the Code of Ethics?? If none are mentioned specifically, are they alluded to in the Code?? Give examples.

4. Why is it important for all health professionals to have a code of Ethics??

Assignment Expectations

1. Conduct additional research to gather sufficient information to support your writing. This should not be an opinion piece, but an analysis..

2. Avoid the use of first person in your paper

3. Limit your response to a maximum of 3-5pages

Support your paper with peer-reviewed articles and reliable sources and use at least 3 references. For additional information on how to recongnize peer-reviewed journals see and for evaluting internet sources

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Role of Health Professional Case
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Role of Health Professional Case
Question 1
Currently, I work in a healthcare facility as a physician. The facility has set up a code of
ethics for all healthcare providers, including physicians. The code of ethics has several
requirements. One is patient safety. Physicians must ensure that they attend to patients in a safe
environment (Spielthenner, 2015). This is crucial because it provides minimizes defects, prevents
harm, and demonstrates a high level of reliability. Therefore, in my profession, patient safety is a
key consideration when handling patients. Another main requirement of the code of ethics
regarding my profession is the privacy of patient data (Speilthenner, 2015). Patients’ confidential
data should never be disclosed to other people with the patients’ permission. Disclosing their
data demonstrates disrespect of their rights.
Also, as a physician, I must respect a patient’s decision when it comes to recommending
treatment as well as medication. Before prescribing medication or treatment on a patient, a
physician should first inform the patient and give h...

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