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Assignment 1

Navigating Art & Visual Culture

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What is Visual Culture?

courtesy of Kajina.pngWhile we’ve learned about how arts, ideas, and values all reflect and influence each other in our lives, we’ve really been learning about something called Visual Culture (Links to an external site.). We’ve spent time looking not only at objects of art and the people who make them, but also considered how we view art. The field of Visual Culture is focused on the importance of relationships between makers and viewers – through the lens of art objects. Why do we care? Because art is central to human existence and if we better understand its intents and purposes, its interpretations and influences, then it becomes even more meaningful to all parties.

Let’s demonstrate the intersection of art and education and share your artistic ability. It’s time to put on your artist’s beret and offer up some original work. I know, I can hear you saying, “What?!”

yes clipart free.jpgReally, you can do this. Yes you can. Yeeesssss!

Every single person enjoys some form of creativity. Spend some time thinking in terms of what you want to share with the class. If you’re the type of person who thinks in words – perhaps a poem or a brief narrative story would show your creativity? Maybe you practice photography – is there a special photo you want to offer? Do you dance? Sing? Make films? Draw? Juggle? Paint? Construct? Try something completely new and share your experiment! We've explored a lot of material in recent weeks - now you can take the next step - go, Art-Makers!

The Task:

  1. Post an image, a video, or some writing to showcase how you use creativity to connect to the world - be specific about including perspective on how art and ethics are associated. This is pretty open-ended so you can explore options. (25pts)
    This is easy for some people but terribly challenging for others. It can be a bit scary to open yourself up and share something you’ve created. Be brave

Assignment 2

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Art and Visual Culture
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Art and Visual Culture

The image I have posted explores the theme of race in America. The image encompasses
both art and ethics in writing. In addition, the image is a form of visual art as its purpose of
creation is to, communicate the importance of understanding issues of race in America and also
help in inspiring people to act and think. Visual art is a form of art that has been used to express
the meaning of concept or subject (Davis, 2017). As such, the posted image fits in the latter
making it an art as it has art elements. These elements of art include a color, line and shapes that
are used in the making image. The colors used in the visual art are black and white; the
background color is white signifying the superiority o...

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