Moravian College King Tutankhamun Discussion

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Moravian College King Tutankhamun Discussion
Moravian College King Tutankhamun Discussion
Moravian College King Tutankhamun Discussion

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King Tutankhamun, more famously known as King Tut, was buried in a beautiful
sarcophagus over thousands of years ago. King Tut is known for many things, but the main thing
that this King is known for is his young age. The poor King died at the age of eighteen because
of an unknown cause, although researchers have their own guesses. Before the British discovered
his tomb and sarcophagus, historians knew little to nothing about this man. The few things they
knew were that he died young, married his half-sister and yet did not bare an heir, and he
changed his religion during his ruling. There were surprisingly not many written pieces about
this King and what was written was inferred to be nothing but stories and myths. This however
changed drastically, especi...

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