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Art often supports the traditional social and political order, but sometimes art (and artists) challenge the status quo with new forms or old forms presented in new ways. At times, art supports new political orders at the expense of challenging old ones. Art has a major role in human societies with psychological, social, religious, political and educational functions. These functions can be seen or heard in the art piece, and some forms of art have more than one function. In this assignment, the student will explore those functions to see how they are represented in specific pieces of art. Visit one of the approved museums in person - check to make sure there is an exhibit currently open to the public. Peruse the collection to locate one object you find the most interesting and write an essay detailing the criteria listed below. Upload your write-up.


1. Write a detailed description of the art piece, including the title and artist's identity.
2. List the object’s form, materials, whether it is realistic or abstract, and its symbolic elements.
3. Describe the function of the object in your own words.
4. Complete an analysis of the connection between the appearance (form, materials, symbolism) of the object and its function.
5. Explain your personal, emotional, response to the object (why you found it to be so exciting).


Visit any two (2) of these locations:

(50 point options - select up to two museums to visit)


Given the situation with the current public health concern and the fact that many students are under orders to Shelter-in-Place, I realize that visiting a museum in person is impossible. At this time I would encourage students to visit any of the museums below virtually (using the internet) and complete the extra credit remotely. It isn't the same as seeing the work in person but we have to work within the constraints we have - and it's more important to keep people safe!

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Art Ideas and Values
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Water Lilies by Claude Monet

"Water lilies" is a famous painting that was done by Claude Monet in the year 1916. This
painting by Monet has been ranked in the category of best in the 20th century. Claude Monet
lived between 1840 and 1926, and his artwork is still relevant today. Claude Monet was a
renowned French painter whose work dominated the art movement impressionism. This art
movement was mainly concerned with capturing natural and light forms.
After looking at the painting, the first thing to notice is that it has no horizon to the
landscape. There is also no visible sense of scale. The pond's edge is also rarely seen. The
vintage point of Monet is looking down into the water. The water's surface consists of tw...

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