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Type: Project: “Organizing a conference for 300 guests”

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You are the Functions Manager for a hotel with large conference facilities. There is a main ballroom with a capacity of 700 (theatre style), 500 (classroom style), or 300 for a dinner. There is also a pre-function area that can accommodate 250, plus several smaller function rooms of various sizes.

Barclays Bank will be holding their regional conference at the hotel, spread over 5 days (4 nights). They expect around 300 attendees.

Their requirements include:

- Ballroom to be set up “classroom” style for 4 days

- Full range of AV equipment

- Coffee breaks with varying snacks each morning and afternoon

- Daily buffet lunches

- Gala dinner on the last evening (day 4), with music and dancing

- Use of smaller “break-out “meeting rooms for day 5.

- Assignment Part 1.

Prepare three checklists with a budget sheet in preparation for the above event:

i) Liaising with the client to obtain precise requirements

ii) Liaising with relevant staff members to ensure all requirements are known

iii) Liaising with outside suppliers/contractors who will be involved

Part 2. Staffing the event.

Make a list of staff who will be needed to service the event.

i)Identify their individual roles and employment status (eg, casual or full-time)

ii) Explain two ways the organizers can reduce overcrowding of attendees.

Part 3. Ensuring success and satisfaction.

Barclays Bank is an important client and the hotel GM does not want anything to go wrong. Describe how you, as the Functions Manager and the event organizer may work together to ensure the success of the event.

Briefly reflect on the current global climate crisis on how it could potentially affect this event? Why an action plan is necessary for any event?

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Event Management



Event Management


Part 1: Even Budget

The following table gives the approximated event budget


Facilities Charges (Dinner

Ball Room

Meeting for


For facility Charges




Breakfast - Day 1-5




AM Break - Day 1-5




Buffet Lunch - Day 1-5




Total Venue


Food and Beverage

PM Coffee Break - Day 1-5
Dinner - Day 1-5
Alcohol with Dinner - Day 1-5

This is based on 300 pp for five days
This is based on 300 pp for five days










This is based on 300 pp for five days
This is based on 300 pp for five days
Drinks After Dinner for everyone




Total for Day 1-5




Dinner - Night 1-4




Night Break- Night 1-4




Midnight Lunch - Night 1-4




Others -Day 1-4




Labor/Delivery - Day 2




Gala Dinner




Total F&B







Labor/Delivery - Day 1-5

This is based on 300 pp for five days

Based on all day service

This is based on 300 pp for 4 nights
This is based on 300 pp for 4 nights
This is based on 300 pp for 4 nights
This is based on 300 pp for 4 nights
Based on all day service
Based on all day service


Tables and Chairs

Exec Dining: Linens only and Buffet Tables

Event Ma...

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