Development of EHR ARCHE For Healthcare Providers Project Discussion

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Research an ongoing project OR a project from the past and walk me through the entire Chronology of the project, from Feasibility all the way through the current use of that project

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CT 103 Ch 5 Project Chronology Chronology Feasibility Disposal Operation Design Procurement Turnover Construction Construction Cycle • Economic Demand – Need Identified – Resources are allocated – Construction is initiated Need Resources Construction Construction Cycle 1. Construction Begins 2. Economic Opportuniity 5. Population Grows Opportunities Increases 4. Public Improvement 3. More Construction Feasibility Analysis • • • • Demand for service or product Cost of construction considered Cost of money considered Market Timing is considered Feasibility Analysis Medical Office Complex How might I gauge the demand for medical office space? Are there different types of medical offices? How do these questions impact construction? Feasibility Analysis Medical Office Complex How does “cost of money “ impact the project? How might “timing” impact the project? How do these questions impact construction? Feasibility Analysis Medical Office Complex is it a GO? Demand? How much profit? How much does it cost to build? Is this the right time? Will it be profitable? How much can I finance, at what rate? Financing • Self-financed • Bank • Outside investors How would the source of funding impact the project? Design of Project • Program --- written statement of the requirements of the building – Extensive involvement of user – Consultants may be hired to help the owner • Early schedules • Early estimates of costs – Consists of: • • • • Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems Vertical/horizontal circulation Public areas Estimates of cost and times Design of Project • Schematic Design – Site is selected – Site drives foundation and structure of building – Preliminary floor plans – Siting of building on the land is determined – Multiple options are considered – Early building material feasibility considered • The economics of the project are considered Design of Project • Design Development – Single design is pursued and refined • • • • • • Elevators Roofing system Plumbing system Heating/air system Mechanical systems Exterior facade – Costs/Time – More certain estimates Design of Project • Construction Documents – Plans used to bid job are produced – Must meet program criteria – Must be detailed enough to be used to construct the actual building Design Phase Big Ideas • Program • Project purpose within budget and schedule Basic • Schematics (two or more) • Gives Owner options: visuals, budget, ideas Visions More • Design Development • Refines chosen scheme/details systems Detail • Construction Documents • Enough detail to bid and build with! Procurement • Process of finding and purchasing materials • Process of hiring subcontractors to build • Contracts are signed Procurement • Organized by logical subdivisions of work – Structural – Mechanical – Electrical – Plumbing • Specialized equipment is ordered if applicable Construction Phase • Managing and coordinating operations • Monitor schedule, cost, and quality • Sequence materials and work Construction Phase • Contract administration – Controlling changes in scope – Financial accounting – Schedule – Record keeping/documents Turnover and Startup • Testing of equipment and systems • Training in the operation and maintenance of installed systems and equipment • Warranties Turnover and Startup • Legal process whereby the building becomes the legal property and responsibility of the owner. • Certificate of occupancy and completion. Operation of the Facility • Building is put to use!! • Operation costs important – Energy use – Maintenance – Cleaning – Usage Disposal • Closed • Renovated • Remodeling Chronology Feasibility Disposal Operation Design Procurement Turnover Construction Chronology So how does this look on a spec house? Feasibility Disposal Design _______________________________ _______________________________ Operation Procurement _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ Construction Turnover ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Chronology Project • In a group, imagine/propose a project and walk through the Chronology of the project! – Type-written – Hit all the parts of the cycle for the project • • • • • • Feasibility Design Procurement Construction Operation Disposal – Do some research on costs, times, etc. – Present next week to the class. ...
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Research Project


Institutional affiliations



The project I choose is on the development of EHR-ARCHE that aimed at developing a
methodology and a prototype to effectively address the information needs of healthcare providers.
The project is still in use today and it has made the health sector more advanced concerning
information recording.

➢ Feasibility study
➢ Design
➢ Procurement
➢ Construction
➢ Piloting
➢ Implementation
➢ Evaluation

Construction Cycle
❖ Identification of needs
❖ Allocation of resources
❖ Construction
❖ Testing

Feasibility Analysis



The team considered all possible relevant aspects of the project from the purpose of the project,
the economic aspect of the project, technical, legal and the scheduling of the project. For th...

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