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Running head: VILA HEALTH Vila Health: Educational Technology Needs Assessment 1 VILA HEALTH 2 Needs Assessment According to Dickerson, a needs assessment should focus on the outcome we want to achieve and why. Currently in the academic setting on our campus at Utica College, student nurses are provided with classroom and lab activities that include use of a mannequin in simulation scenarios. Simulations provide students with opportunities to experience various situations throughout their curriculum. Student nurses don’t have the opportunity to experience a vast number of situations in a safe environment. Participation in simulations create the opportunity for students to apply their knowledge in a controlled learning environment. The desired state of educational technology would be to use high fidelity mannequins that would provide learners with the opportunity to apply practice to simulated scenarios. For an analysis we will use the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis. Strengths: Serve diverse group of students Ability to provide top quality education Weaknesses: Lack of staff knowledge with new technology Funding Opportunities: Provide students with interactive learning Increase enrollment Threats: Lose students to other nursing programs with high fidelity mannequins VILA HEALTH 3 There is a need for new technology. The solution would be to acquire high fidelity mannequins and use them in simulations to optimize student practice. My conclusion is based on feedback on surveys that were given to the nurse educators and nursing students. According to the selected survey participants, new nurses have knowledge but lack exposure to clinical settings where critical thinking needs to be applied. Educational needs of nursing students are not being achieved in the classrooms alone. Clinical placements for nursing students can be difficult to acquire and students are not getting the exposure they need to real scenarios. Without exposure to the clinical setting, students are at a disadvantage. There has been significant research on student success with the use of simulation. According to Denlea, research shows that the substitution of clinical hours with simulation courses has a positive impact on program outcomes. (Denlea, 2017) The mission of the Department of Nursing is to offer professional nursing education for the undergraduate student pursuing a baccalaureate degree. This mission prepares our graduates to meet the challenges of professional nursing practice and strengthens the quality of nursing care rendered to the consumer in a dynamic and global health care environment. Mandates that drive the curriculum and provide guidelines for the baccalaureate nursing education are: American Association of Colleges of Nursing, Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) initiative, Institute of Medicine Core Competencies for Health Professionals and the NCLEX-RN test. (Utica College, 2019) It is my recommendation that we incorporate high fidelity mannequins to our existing educational technology to improve nursing education in our program. Simulations provide a way to incorporate complex and critical patient scenarios that nursing students are not able to partake in when in clinical settings. Simulations have been shown to be more effective than VILA HEALTH 4 traditional clinical experiences. (Cantrell, Franklin, Leighton, & Carlson, 2017; Hayden, Smiley, Alexander, Kardong-Edgren, & Jeffries, 2014). By incorporating high fidelity mannequins into our nursing education, we will be able to help students enhance their critical thinking skills in a safe environment. Throughout the implementation, leadership should be kept engaged and informed. Further, leadership needs to provide the necessary resources, as well as give key change agents sufficient time to implement the changes. The educational technology program needs to understand the areas to improve upon and assist in deciding which prescribing guideline leads to the pursuance of needs and goals. Following the evaluation of the current approach, and determining areas for improvement, the Center should define specific goals that the education technology use strives to achieve. With the change team, the Center can determine the objectives through gathering input from key stakeholders, including nurses, clinicians, and management. The needs assessment portrays the major concerns surrounding the limited application of education technology, including training, cooperation and clear guidelines for treatment procedures. Resultantly, the plan recommends a focus towards effective training, leadership support, clear goals, and risk evaluation and management. VILA HEALTH 5 References Denlea, G. R. (2017). Evaluating outcomes of high-fidelity simulation curriculum in a community college nursing program (Doctoral dissertation). Retrieved from ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global database. Dickerson, Pamela S, PhD,R.N.-B.C., F.A.A.N. (2014). Needs assessment: Collecting the evidence. The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing, 45(3), 104-5. doi:http://dx.doi.org.library.capella.edu/10.3928/00220124-20140224-11 Utica College (2019). Retrieved from: https://www.utica.edu/academic/hhs/nursing/ABSN_Handbook_Syracuse.pdf ...
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Running head: VILA HEALTH


Vila Health: Educational Technology Needs Evaluation
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Needs Evaluation

Corresponding to Dickerson, the needs evaluation desires entailing concentration on the
upshot anticipated as well as the backup motives. Today’s academic environment in the Utica
College, scholars in the nursing faculty are offered both laboratory and classroom experiences
such as the utilization of mannequin particularly in simulation circumstances. In any given
curriculum, simulation stimulates learners with a wide scope of chances to venture into
innumerable scenarios during the course. Commonly, nursing scholars lack enough exposure to
explore an enormous sum of circumstances in a benign setting due to the limited opportunities.
The room to engage in simulation facilitates the chances for the scholars to administer their
intelligence in a convened learning set up. The expected nature of instructional technology eager
to utilize high integrity mannequins thar are capable of facilitating students with the exposure to
institute rehearsal to the stimulated circumstances. On the evaluation we are going to employ the
SWOT analysis.


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