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Attached are the instructions for this paper. This whole paper is based off the movie “The War of the Worlds” with Tom Cruise (2005)

DSSG 400 Lynn University the War of The Worlds Analytical Review

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The War of the Worlds
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The War of Worlds is a 2005 film that was directed by Steven Spielberg. The film
explores many themes, such as the idea of otherness that is premised on aliens invading a
country and sending its citizens into exile. It also explores the powerlessness of the most
superior species in the universe, when faced with a more advanced threat. The movie also
depicts immense destruction, the lack of preparedness for disasters, and the need to survive as
the world is torn apart by unnatural forces. All these aspects come together to showcase that
while human beings are ignorant, powerless, and imperfect, they will always survive amid the
storms that threaten their very existence.
The aliens in the film are represented as more technologically advanced, which gives
them a diabolical agenda on earth. Indeed, the aliens have prepared to invade the world for a
million years. They started creating strategies even before humans roamed the earth and
worked on the most advanced spaceships as well as weaponry (Ellis, 2019). Human beings
have always taken pride in their civilization and belief that they are invisible. However, the
aliens remind them that when it comes to the two, human beings are still behind, which
makes them susceptible to invasions such as what is taking place in the film. For example,
even though Ogilvy appears like a deranged man, he understands aliens more than anyone.
He tells Ray, “They have spent a million years preparing,” and insinuates that human beings
are no match for them unless they find a weakness. Because of the shift of power between
aliens and human beings, the former appear evil as they go around destroying the earth. In the
face of this tragedy, the more advanced species is considered immoral since the aliens do not
hesitate to kill human beings for their benefit (Ellis, 2019). Ironically, human beings have
been killing each other out of self-interest for centuries. Powerful nations have taken
advantage of their situation to harm others, which reflects the same thing happening with the



aliens. Hence, their power in this case is illuminated as something that causes evilness. They
use everything at their disposal to fight helpless people and take over their place on earth.
Such aspects are reflective of the selfishness that emanates from having too much power.
In many instances, the film employs various elements to showcase the destruction
caused by the aliens. For example, the use of cinematography reflects the sheer force of their
power and ability to destroy everything on the planet. Unlike common acts of war, the aliens
neither use typical weapons nor give people the chance to fight back (De Abreu, 2019). They
come like lightening and only take a few days to threaten the very existence of man. The
director uses lighting and darkness to depict the power of aliens and showcase man’s
helplessness. For the first time, the only safe option for many individuals is to run and hide.
An example of the light and dark contrast is showcased at the basement scene when Ray is
hiding with his son and daughter. They are in their mother’s apartment and believe that they
are safe from all harm since the aliens have not yet visited this area (Beck, 2016). As soon as
they fall asleep in the basement, they are awoken by lightning rods that split through the
darkness. The aliens are determined to destroy everything that makes man comfortable, and
the lightning is quite powerful. It cannot be eliminated by guns, and the three are forced to
run again. The contrasting features of light and dark are also showcased at the field scene
after the family escapes from the ferry. Large bowls of fire light everything up as the blue
rays from the aliens fill the darkness. Again, the people can only run to safety, which leads
Ray and Rachel to a stranger’s basement. Hence, such cinematography features are used to
showcase power of aliens as man struggles to survive. Because of this, the aliens are
merciless and determined to kill anything that moves for their gain.
More so, the film makes effective use of sound that becomes a ringing alarm every
time the aliens appear. The sound, in this case, resembles a loud and eerie bell used to
announce the presence of the terrifying monsters (De Abreu, 2019). Whenever an alien is



around the corner, the people hear this sound that is followed by thuds of footsteps, grey
powder in the atmosphere, and a sharp blue light. Throughout the film, such sounds can be
heard in the air, and are often followed by deafening screeches before the appearance of the
aliens. Therefore, the director uses this aspect to communicate the power of the aliens as they
roam the earth. Every time a person hears this sound, they become afraid and begin to run
because they recognize that aliens are evil creatures that will destroy them. For example,
when Ray and his children steal a van, they ask the owner to get inside so that they can leave
together. While he is arguing and asking for his vehicle, ...

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