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ECON 708: Microconomics II University of Wisconsin - Madison Op-ed Assignment Due no later than 11:59 pm on 04/07/2020 Overview Op-Ed is short for Opposite the Editorial, the typical location for a newspaper opinion piece authored by someone unaffiliated with the editorial board. Op-eds allow professionals to share their expertise with a broader audience, persuasively informing an engaged public about an important issue by offering a strong claim or suggestion. These have traditionally appeared in newspapers, more recently domains like The Huffington Post and Medium have made it possible to reach a large online audience. This assignment requires students to independently author an op-ed considering any of the policy responses to the COVID-19 outbreak. The purpose is to demonstrate your ability to exercise critical thinking by arguing for or against a specific policy and persuading the audience to adopt your thesis by presenting a logically coherent set of arguments. To successfully complete this assignment you must convince your audience of four things. First, that the topic you are writing about is important and relevant to the reader. Two, that your arguments are based in fact and logically follow from one to the next. Third, you must acknowledge the most obvious or compelling arguments that run counter to your thesis and explain why they are mistaken or fallacious. Finally, you must invite the reader to undertake some action or assume some particular position congruent to the thesis you have posited. A good op-ed should pertain to a subject that is both timely and newsworthy - in this case anything related to COVID-19 will certainly meet that criteria. The first few lines should focus the readers’ attention on a clearly stated opinion and convince them to read on. A commonly held or well known perspective is seldom worthy of editorial space; your writing should offer a bold or provocative viewpoint, ideally one that at first seems counter-intuitive. The language should be active and ought to avoid clichés, pedantic language, or flowery adjectives. Op-ed pieces are typically short so it is essential that you write succinctly. The language you employ should be precise, polished, and grammatically. Several outstanding op-ed examples have been included in the ”Op-Ed Assignment” module. Those of you who would like some additional assistance writing and revising your work are encouraged to visit the Writing Center: This is a free service to students and they offer fantastic resources for writers - as well as economists attempting to pass as writers. Structural Requirements 1. A concise title of less than 10 words 2. Total length of no less than 600 words and no more than 900 words 3. The op-ed must be submitted for publication Grading Each student will be responsible for authoring their own op-ed piece. This assignment will be due on or before 04/07/2020 and will compose 5% of each student’s course grade. No late work will be accepted, so you are encouraged to submit this assignment ahead of the deadline. A non-specific grading rubric has been uploaded to the Op-Ed module on Canvas for instructive purposes. Students will receive a grade associated with their lowest score related to any of the six grading criteria. For example, a paper may exceed expectations in five of the six areas considered, but if it fails to entertain counter-arguments and/or does not make a call to action the author will earn a failing grade on this assignment. ...
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Op-Ed: Immediate Fiscal Spending Can Save Lives from COVID-19
The Coronavirus pandemic constitutes the third and world’s greatest financial, social, and
economic shock of the 21st Century, after 9/11/ and the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. Many
countries have implemented different policy response measures, yet the pandemic continues to
wreak havoc on their populace. Production has halted in many countries, disrupting supply
chains across the world, and causing a steep drop in consumption alongside investor confidence.
Countries are implementing stringent restrictions, but COVID-19 rage continues. Pandemic
emergency response pundits support lockdown policies, but new within-country infections,
deaths, and devastating economic implications are reported by hour. Italy’s government-imposed
state of emergency lockdown was a warning from the future, but immediate fiscal spending can
save millions of lives from Coronavirus.
The case for immediate fiscal spending is that it facilitates, expands, and supports
measures for cont...

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