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I need help with a English question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

hello you did awesome on my first cultural experience report and I need another one done however due to the virus going around we have been given an alternate

O I need a 500-800 word report in MLA format

For those of you still in need of an alternative for your Cultural Experience Report 2, I can also suggest a review of Johann Sebastian Bach, St. Matthew Passion performance. A magnificent version is available on Youtube by the Netherlands Bach Society. Needless to say, it is music like this which should be inspirational and comforting during these troublesome times, no matter what our religious associations might be:

You will need to research the work and its structure. The Wikipedia article is excellent:

I have attached the instructions for the original report

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Turnitin® This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®. Instructions Cultural Experience Field Report #2 For this assignment, you will visit a cultural venue from the instructions below, talk with someone at the venue, and write a short 500-800 word report about your visit. Instructions Your report should include the following information. Include photos or links that help convey the information. As always, be sure to document all sources you consult in preparing your work. This includes brochures from the site or websites that informed you about the particular venue you visited. • Name and location of the museum, site, or performance event. If there is on-line information about the site or performance, be sure to include a link to it within the text of your essay in an appropriate place. • Type of museum, site or event. For example, is it a film festival, a poetry slam, an outdoor Shakespeare festival performance? If you attended a performance, name the performer or the piece. Be specific about what you attended, when, and where. • Name and/or general description of the person you spoke with at the venue, and their answer to this specific question, “How did you become involved with this place/event/organization etc.?” • Briefly (2-4 sentences) describe the general setting by talking a bit about the location, the number of people there, the general overall "vibe" of the place. • Describe at least one aspect of the experience that you found especially interesting. For example, you might write about a particular scene in a play, costumes or lighting, a particular character in a film or play, in a religious service you might note differences in the tone of the service or interactions between leaders and regular members, etc. Explain what impressed or affected you, and why. Your reaction can be positive or negative, as long as you offer an explanation. • Identify and use at least two tools that you have learned about in this class to talk about your visit. For example, if you visit a museum, you might point out how color works in one of the paintings, or if you go to a concert, how rhythm works in one of the songs. Make sure you are explicit in identifying the tools you are using and the learning resources your tools come from. Make sure to inform the reader about the tool through a quote or paraphrase from the learning resource. Then, make sure to tell the reader how you interpret some elements of your visit with the tools. • Speak to a person at the performance or religious service, etc. Ask them how they became to be involved in this cultural community and the thing about it they like the best. Identify them specifically by first name and what position they were fulfilling at the event/service. • Be sure to cite the learning resources you have used in MLA format. Please see • Reflect on the relevance--if any--of your experience to your everyday life. How did the experience engage your feelings or emotions, if at all? What does this tell you about human culture, or about yourself? STOP: Before you hand in your assignment, ask yourself the following questions: 1. Have I provided the name and location of the museum, site, or performance event and URL, if available, identified the type of museum, site or event, and provided a general description of the setting? 2. Have I identified and explained an especially interesting aspect of the experience and used examples to illustrate reflections and to explain why this aspect was interesting? 3. Have I identified the person I spoke with and their answer to the required question? 4. Have I identified and applied two tools of interpretation from learning resources to two different examples from visit? 5. Have I used examples to clearly explain the relevance of my visit to at least one of the following: 1) emotion 2) human culture 3) self-identity 4) cultural identity? 6. Have I provided a list of resources and do all of my citations conform to MLA 8th edition guidelines? 7. Have I proofread this assignment for grammatical, structural, and spelling errors? ...
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pleas find the attached file. i look forward to working with you again. good bye

Surname 1
My Cultural Experience- St. Mathew Passion
For my cultural experience, I chose to review Johann Sebastian Bach, St. Mathew
Passion performance. I used YouTube and other sources on the internet to source for
information on the song. St. Mathew Passion was initially written in 1727 by Bach and was first
played on Good Friday in Leipzig, Germany. It is a classic sacred song. It is based on the gospel
of Matthew chapters 26 and 27; it reflects on the events that occurred during the crucifixion of
Jesus, making it sorrowful and powerful at the same ...

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