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Part 1

A leader in your church has just posted a personal note on Facebook. They are friends with most of the church and everyone is receiving a copy. The message is hateful, vindictive, and uses foul language. You begin to receive texts, phone calls, and visits from church members wanting you to take action. What do you do? How, and why? Is Facebook the friend or enemy of the Church?

Part 2

"Are churches and ministries attempting to compete with Main Street in advertising and communicating in the digital age? Shouldn't we just stay the course and do our door-to-door efforts in reaching people for Jesus and leave this high tech stuff to the world out there?" When your leadership team says this to you, how do you respond? Do you agree with any of their assessment?

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Part one
Effective communication is the basis for the solution of all forms and nature of conflicts
within human communities. As such, the communities can be physical appearances or digital
platforms where a large group of people meets online. Several people, from within and without
the church, may engage in developing digital messages that may end up ruining their
relationships with the public. To this effect, the public, or consumers of the message may pick an
offense from illicit messages posted by charge members or leadership. The best way I would
approach this matter, where church members want to take action against such digital utterances,
is by communicating with people persuasively. As the one he...

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