Cardiovascular Disease Prevention & Treatment Through Dietary Changes Research Paper

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Double Click HERE to Enter your Last Name 1 First and Last name Final Draft Research Paper Title Double Click HERE to Enter your Last Name 2 Works Cited Research Paper Outline Directions: Please fill out the Roman numeral outline based on your research of a scientific topic. This outline will organize your research paper. You do not need to use complete sentences or quotes. This outline is just the information/topics you will be using in your paper. The yellow highlighted sections are required. The other sections are optional and dependent on how you organize the information you researched. Before you complete the outline, please review the example outline on the last page for an understanding on how to create an outline. Total points = 10 points Student Outline Paragraph one (introduction) I. Hook: (interesting idea/startling fact or statistic/important quote related to your topic) II. III. Background of topic: Thesis Statement (from Unit 4 Lesson 4 assignment: Paragraph two (1st major topic/claim) I. Major point: A. Supporting idea: a. Detail: b. Detail: B. Supporting idea: a. Detail: b. Detail: C. Supporting idea (if needed): a. Detail (if needed): Paragraph three (2nd major topic/claim) II. Major point: D. Supporting idea: a. Detail: b. Detail: E. Supporting idea: a. Detail: b. Detail: F. Supporting idea (if needed): a. Detail (if needed): Paragraph four (3rd major topic/claim) III. Major point: G. Supporting idea: a. Detail: b. Detail: H. Supporting idea: a. Detail: b. Detail: I. Supporting idea (if needed): a. Detail (if needed): Paragraph five (conclusion) IV. V. VI. Summarize main ideas covered in paper: Conclude with your insights and findings: Leave the reader with a parting thought or closure: Add more Paragraphs with major points if you want that will be included before your conclusion. This part is optional depending on how much information you have on your topic and how the topic breaks down. Paragraph six (optional paragraph to cover topic) VII. Major point: J. Supporting idea: i. Detail (if needed) K. Supporting idea L. ii. Detail (if needed) iii. Detail (if needed) Supporting idea a. Detail (if needed) Add more paragraphs as needed. Example Outline Thesis: Federal regulations need to foster laws that will help protect wetlands, restore those that have been destroyed, and take measures to improve the damage from overdevelopment. I. Nature's ecosystem A. Loss of wetlands nationally B. Loss of wetlands in Illinois 1. More flooding and poorer water quality 2. Lost ability to prevent floods, clean water and store water II. Dramatic floods A. Cost in dollars and lives 1. 13 deaths between 1988 and 1998 2. Cost of $39 million per year B. Great Midwestern Flood of 1993 1. Lost wetlands in IL 2. Devastation in some states C. Flood Prevention 1. Plants and Soils 2. Floodplain overflow III. Wetland laws A. Inadequately informed legislators 1. Watersheds 2. Interconnections in natural water systems B. Water purification IV. Need to save wetlands A. New federal definition B. Re-education about interconnectedness 1. Ecology at every grade level 2. Education for politicians and developers 3. Choices in schools and people's lives Example taken from The Bedford Guide for College Writers (9th ed). ...
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Cardiovascular Disease
Cardiovascular disease can be prevented and treated through dietary changes. The
cardiovascular system, which is also referred to as the circulatory system, is a network of blood
vessels and organs throughout the body whose function is to deliver nutrients, oxygen, and
hormones, and remove waste products (Zimmermann). The cardiovascular system is responsible
for keeping one healthy and alive. When the cardiovascular system is interfered with, these
processes get disrupted causing one to be unhealthy. Food, which provides nutrients, is one of
the major causes of cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease includes a host of heart and
blood vessels’ conditions that arise from atherosclerosis (AHA). Cardiovascular disease causes
significant impairment in the quality of life and patients have poor resumption to social life. As
much as diet is a cause, it has also been found to prevent and even treat cardiovascular disease.
Dietary changes are however more effective in preventing the onset of cardiovascular than in
treating (Merck). By looking ...

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