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Florida International University US Extends Individual Tax Filing Deadline Discussion

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  • Find an article in the Wall Street Journal related to US taxation. It should be no older than 2 years or can be as recent as yesterday.
  • Summary: Write a one to two paragraph summary of the article
  • Code Sections: Review the information provided in the article and identify the IRS code sections that would apply.
  • Submit your writing.
  • Attach a copy or link of the article to the submission.

Note: Make sure that you do not copy and paste information from other sources as this is your work and I want to see your words. Your Turn It In similarity % should be less than 15% to receive a grade.

Grading: (Full, half, or none) 5 points - A thorough and concise synopsis of the article will provide full points.

3 points - A response that is either too long or not meaningful will provide half points.

No points- A submission that in insufficient or includes excessive grammatical errors. No submission.

Note: Late, assignment will not be accepted. So submit assignment timely by or before due date.

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U.S. Extends Individual Tax Filing Deadline from April 15 to July 15
Each individual is entitled to pay indirect tax while the other individuals who are working
and owning an organization are subjected to direct taxation. According to the article, one is
supposed to pay their taxes before April 15 ...

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