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I’m stuck on a Internship question and need an explanation.

i have already made part 1 of the project, now you have to write part 2

for part 2 you have to follow the instructions and add 2500 words more to the existing part 1.

My specialty E-commerce, I training in Saudi company related to Content Creation & Digital Marketing

the requirements in the attachment 😀

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Internship Report Name of Student Institutional Affiliation Introduction As an aspiring student interested in the field of Content Creation and Digital Marketing, my priority was to get involved with a company that would offer me the best experiences in this particular field. Fortunately, I landed an excellent company that operates specifically on Content Creation and Digital Marketing. The name of the company is called Hamah. The company’s primary asset is its website that is located at (http://hamah.sa/en/). On its website, it operates by attracting potential clients through showcasing its significant functions. I get engaged in the activities of the company through a training program that they have. It is structured to ensure that its interns gain the most throughout their stay in the company. My training program within the company involved having a personal office set aside, specifically for the interns. Within the office, I have a computer where through a section of the Slack Platform, an intern can easily communicate with other employees on matters concerning the business. Moreover, the company contains another platform called the ASANA Platform, where the employees manage and publish company tasks. Also, files and task documents are uploaded to the google drive through this platform. These form the basis of my engagement with the company. Company Profile The company’s full name is Hamah Company. It is situated in Saudi Arabia in the city of Riyadh, where its main headquarters are located. Its primary location address is King Abdul Aziz Rd, Ar-Rabi, Riyadh 13315, Riyadh, Riyadh 12312, SA. The company was founded in 2015, and it is a Partnership type of business between two relating business owners. The company is registered as a marketing and advertising company. Its total employee size ranges between two to ten permanent employees. The link to the company’s website is (http://hamah.sa/en/), and the link to the company linked-in account is (https://www.linkedin.com/company/hamah). IN case a client needs to directly contact the company admins they can do so through this email: (info@hamah.sa) The company is registered as a marketing and advertising organization and as a digital marketing sector type of business. Hamah company works in content creation. Its objective functions are to shape the content of the clients in the best way possible. They achieve this by offering digital services in marketing plans, content strategy assistance, branding and social media support to the clients. Also, some of their specialties include content creation, motion graphics activities, infographics, digital marketing, video production, and general branding responsibilities. The company targets customers who mostly need online digital services. The list of regular clients to the company include: • Monshaat www.monshaat.gov.sa • Takamol www.takamolholding.com • Absher www.moi.gov.sa • Stc www.stc.com.sa • M.SIRAJ ATTAR & BROS www.sirajattarbros.com • Saudi Federation for Cyber Security and Programming (SFCSP) www.safcsp.org.sa • Bassem Alqassem https://bassemalqassem.com Company employees The company is made up of seven significant employees. The organization chart of the company is listed below: HAMAH GENERAL MANAGER Creative Project Content Designer at Manager creator/copywriter Manager HAMAH at HAMAH Project Finance at MSc Hamah BA, Project Manager Assistant at Manager HAMAH Organization Departments Within the organization, there exist different departments. The departments include the studio and video production department. This department is operated mainly by the creative designer, the content creator and the general manager. The creative designer is responsible for designing unique audio, video and audio-visual contents as per the desires of the clients. He is the mastermind of all the activities and creations within the business. Hence this department acts as the engine to the business. It keeps on producing commodities that make the company achieve its goals of creating client products. On the other hand, the content creator also works in this department to help in the general creation of the predesigned works of the creative designer. He is the one responsible for bringing production into life. He ensures that the product created fully suits the requirements of the customer. His goals are customer-product satisfaction. The general manager is also present in this department to help steer operations in the right direction towards the goals of the business. Another department within the company is the customer service department. This department is run mainly by the customer care team, the human resource managers and the assistant manager. The customer care section is mostly responsible for ensuring that the clients get satisfied. It is also responsible for ensuring that the complaints of the customers are addressed satisfactorily. The customer care team is majorly responsible for most of these duties. However, human resource managers also play a crucial role in assisting the hiring of employees and the selection of the company’s annual interns. Also, they are responsible for airing the complaints of the employees to the higher-ranking employees of the company. The assistant manager plays the role of overseeing the operations of all the employees in this department to ensure that every individual performs their duties well. The operations manager department is another section of the company. This department consists mainly of the general manager and the assistant manager. Their main task is to ensure that the company runs smoothly. They also ensure that each employee has relevant tools to help them attain their objectives in the company. Moreover, there is a digital marketing department. It is made up of the marketing team, which ensures that the company’s brand is dully marketed within the internet. Their main goal is to attract clients to the organization. Company Objectives The overall objectives of the company include: content creation, shaping the content in the best way it could for clients. Provision of digital marketing plans, Content strategy development, branding, and social media management for clients. My Organizational Plan The general organizational plans assigned to me by company supervisors mainly involved equipping me with the real-life skills and experience that is included in the day-today activities of a content creator/digital marketer. The skills gained will be responsible for bridging me from the class studies into the real world through the actual application of skills learned. It was supposed to be made possible by achieving the responsibilities and roles set for me in the company. Roles/Responsibilities My roles in the organization involved a combination of Managing eCommerce platforms, managing social media channels, Performance reporting, Planning and launching digital marketing campaigns, and E-market research. My training supervisor's name is Abdulaziz Altwaijri, and he is the digital marketing manager in the company. INTERNSHIP REPORT 1 2nd submission 31/March/2020 The Requirements: No Plagiarism Report Format ▪ The final coop report should be written clearly in standard business English. ▪ The font is Times New Roman. ▪ Font size is 12pt for text. ▪ Font Size is 14pt for titles, section headers, and subtitles. ▪ Figures and tables caption fonts’ is Times New Roman. ▪ Figures and tables caption fonts’ size is 10pt. ▪ Figures and tables must be centered. ▪ Line spacing is 1.5. ▪ Your text must be justified. ▪ Pages must be numbered. ▪ Number each section of the report to correspond with the sections listed in the “Table of Contents” section. ▪ Your report should have no spelling or grammatical errors. ▪ Use punctuation marks correctly. ▪ Each Section should start on a new page. ▪ Use Tables and Figures presented in the report and quote them in the body of the report as shown below: ▪ Include a header with your name, and coop semester and year. ▪ The report should be approximately between 3500 – 5000 words. ▪ The internship report should be original. Plagiarism will result in failure in the course and disciplinary action. Write about these points listed below. 2.2 Acknowledgment Page: This can be at the beginning of your report. You will thank and recognize the company and the people who helped you during your coop. I would like to thank (Abdulrhman the manager of the company - Abdulaziz my training supervisor – latifah she is the HR manager – Nawaf the operation manager). 2.3 Executive Summary: This is a summary of your report; the executive summary should include the followings: ▪ Briefly summarize the purpose of the report. ▪ Summarize the specific nature of your work assignment. INTERNSHIP REPORT 2 my work assignment is to manage the social media account. 2.6 Chapter 2: Coop Work description and Achievements This is the most important part of your final report. You should describe what you have done during the coop program in detail here. For each Project/task state the following: 2.6.1 Project/task definition in detail ▪ List the project(s) which were taken up. ▪ What are the main tasks you have been assigned to in each project? 1. Edit pics of perfumes \uploaded pics and write the description for the perfumes pics on Bassem alqassem’s website. 2. Get the Bassem alqassem’s customer info from the website (customer whom purchase and call them to get the feedback) write all the info in excel sheet and uploaded in the company google drive file. 3. Create a new excel sheet info for the social media influencer and uploaded to google drive 4. Manage the Ward restaurant Instagram and schedule the content by Sprout platform.\ how to work on Sprout: First start with Compose then choose the pic from the google drive then write the description under the pic and set date and time then hit schedule. 5. Manage the Siraj Attar twitter and Instagram and schedule the content by Sprout platform. 2.6.2 Methodology adopted for solving the problem ▪ How you worked out each task. ▪ Which methods were used in achieving the objectives or solving the problems (Explain the roles played by you). 2.6.3 Details of tools/questionnaire used ▪ You should mention any tools, questionnaire, software or mathematical model used. Slack – Asana – google drive – Sprout – Excel) explain the mane use for these platforms. 2.6.4 Data collection and analysis ▪ You should analyze the results obtained. Enhance your analysis with bar charts, pie charts or any other suitable pictorial representation. Include the same as figures in the report at appropriate places. 2.6.5 Theoretical background/courses used in the problem solving ▪ Which of the courses you learned in the university were helpful to you in solving the assigned task(s). My specialty in E-commerce, I get helpful by these courses (E-marketing, E-commerce) you will explain more how. ☺ ▪ What technical/theoretical background you needed to solve the tasks. INTERNSHIP REPORT 3 Note: Include graphs, pictures, data, drawings, or design in your report. This I will post it ☺ 2.7 Chapter 3: Student Insight (please explain more in this) In this section: ▪ Write about the experience you have gained by working at the organization, and what you learned from your superiors and colleagues. ▪ Write about new skills (report writing, presentation, etc.), techniques, or tools you have learned to use. ▪ Write about the problems and challenges you have faced while training at the organization. They can be work environment, tools, resources, skills, or colleagues and supervisors. (What are the difficulties you faced in each task and how you dealt with them.) ▪ Write about how you tried to solve these problems and if your solutions worked or not. ▪ Write about the tasks that were delegated to you, but you weren’t successful in completing them. And about the reason why you weren’t able to complete these tasks. I didn’t face any of unsuccessful tasks. ▪ Discuss the personal qualities and professional skills that you feel you will need to develop before entering a job. Describe how you plan to further develop them in you. 2.8 Chapter 4: Conclusions and Recommendations ▪ For each objective, indicate whether you achieved or did not achieve the objective. Then describe the evidence to demonstrate your achievement of the objective. If you believe that an objective was not achieved, explain the reasons for your conclusion. ▪ Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your coop. ▪ Suggest changes that you would recommend that would have improved your learning experience. ▪ List some recommendations that you think helpful for improving the coop program. Reference List: INTERNSHIP REPORT 4 References Hamah – Content Creation & Digital Marketing. (n.d.). Retrieved March 17, 2020, from http://hamah.sa/en/ Hamah – Content Creation & Digital Marketing. (n.d.). Retrieved March 17, 2020, from https://www.linkedin.com/company/hamah Hamah – Content Creation & Digital Marketing. (n.d.). Retrieved March 17, 2020, from https://www.instagram.com/hamahksa/ Hamah – Content Creation & Digital Marketing. (n.d.). Retrieved March 17, 2020, from https://twitter.com/hamahksa Hamah – Content Creation & Digital Marketing. (n.d.). Retrieved March 17, 2020, from https://vimeo.com/hamahksa ...
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Coop semester:

Internship Report
Name of Student
Institutional Affiliation

Year: 1


Coop semester:

Year: 2

2.2 Acknowledgment Page
I would like to take the time to thank all those who enable me to start and complete my
internship program at Hamah Company where I was attached as a manager for the social media
account. I first thank my family for their cooperation and support. Then I would like to thank the
company manager Mr. Abdulrhman who created a conducive environment for my stay at
Hamah. I also would like to thank my training supervisor, Mr. Abdulaziz, for the support and
knowledge he impacted. I also extend my gratitude to the company’s Human Resource manager
Mr. Latifah and his counterpart operations manager Mr. Nawaf for guidance on how to deal with
matters relating to employees.


Coop semester:

Year: 3

2.3 Executive Summary:
This report aims to give a deep summary concerning my internship program that I undertook at
Hamah Company. I was assigned to manage the social media account for the company, taking all
duties relating to that position. My key roles in the organization involved a combination of
managing e-commerce platforms, managing social media channels, and reporting regularly.
Other roles were planning and launching digital marketing campaigns and doing e-market
research. I was successful in all my assignments, thanks to my training supervisor and my fellow
workers. The internship period was the best in my career life since it gave me a lot of knowledge
in the digital platform.


Coop semester:

Year: 4

2.6 Chapter 2: Coop Work description and Achievements
2.6.1 Project/task definition in detail
My task was basically to manage the social media account, administering the company’s social
media advertisement and marketing for the entire company. This would involve goal setting,
deliberate planning, and strategy development. My roles in the organization involved a
combination of Managing eCommerce platforms, managing social media channels, Performance
reporting, Planning and launching digital marketing campaigns, and E-market research. Planning
involved both material, financial, and human resources, all made in harmony with the corporate
set goals. To manage this task, I required high creative skills, motivation, passion, and
experience that would accelerate the completion of daily tasks. I was also required to develop
brand awareness as well as online reputation such that the company is well marketed. Customers
were to find a good marketing platform that would give them value for their money. The major
headache was to develop a brand that was appealing and acceptable by prospective customers.
The online reputation was to be maintained so that companies wishing to advertise on our
platforms would be influenced by a good name. A good reputation would ensure that fans who
access our websites are turned into customers. The customers would later be happy and become
advocates for our services. Explained into details are my day to day administrative duties.
Managing social media channels
I was assigned as a duty to ensure all media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
are fed with content designed to reach prospective customers. Contents that would influence the
buying behavior of the customers were to be posted in those media. I also was tasked with the
duty to respond to customers' inquiries and answer their questions on a timely basis.
Launch digital market
Another major duty that I was to undertake was to promote the strategy of social media account
to reach a wider range of audience. I promoted the company’s search engines using unique
techniques and strategies with the right approach to what is current. The duty was to find an easy
way to reach target customers within the budget.
Brand development
Developing a brand for social media platforms involves a lot of mental energy. I realized it is not
a task to be taken and completed in a day. It is a slow and time-consuming process. I was
required to understand the demand in the market as well as customer buying behavior so that


Coop semester:

Year: 5

what is produced will just suit their needs. I was required to convey the image of the brand so
that audiences can access it and comment on it. The brand was positioned so that prospective
customers can connect to it. I received both positive and negative ideas and I was required to
evaluate them, make changes to the brand, and adjust where necessary. Everything was done
carefully and without hurry. The execution of brand development took a month or so.
Customer identification
My next task was to carry out a customer identification campaign so that I would have an idea of
the right set of customers my brand is likely to attract. In this stage, I worked with my colleagues
to get their inputs. Various ideas were combined to know the best and profitable set of audience
to target.
E-market research
The next step was to set some logical goals to enable us to measure the success of our campaign.
Setting the goals involved considering the behavior of the customers, challenges faced in the
process of brand development, and examining the need for the brand. Market research was
important to know how customers respond to various products.
Development and designing of strategy
The next step after the goal is set is to identify the online space. The online space means social
media profiles, email formats, websites and all that is visible to potential online customers. I was
required to create a brand identity that demanded to design the brand. I followed a similar pattern
in each element that would later ask for modification and improvement. Strategy development
was to be attractive enough to create a huge and attractive influence on the audience.
Content management
Another of my tasks was to manage the content which acted as a medium to the online world. I
was to create a high quality and unique content that would enable our company to be popular.
Every week, I was to keep track of the content, add some ideas, and give responses to customers...

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