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Faking It: Sex Lies and Women’s Magazines

Intro to Mass Communication


  • Students are to write a (full) 2-3 page paper discussing the article “Faking It: Sex, Lies and Women’s Magazines”.
  • The first page should include a discussion regarding your opinions and thoughts on the article you read. Be specific and use examples from what you read when responding.
  • The second page should include examples in current Women’s magazines of the problems revealed and discussed by the various editors and writers interviewed in the article.

For example: look for examples that have the small print that says “names have been changed” in the articles you are reading. Look for exaggerated claims regarding sex and it’s impact/benefit on health and beauty. Look for quotes from “real women” that don’t sound like how a real person might speak about sex.

Make sure to tell me the magazine you found the article in. The issue you are using, the name of the column or article and its author. Give me specific details when describing the article(s) you are discussing.

The assignment must:

  • Be typed
  • Double spaced
  • 12 point font
  • New Times Roman
  • Use proper spelling and grammar
  • Use proper essay/paper format (introduction, body, conclusion)
  • I am not looking for a list on the second page…please keep your writing in formal essay format.

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Final Answer


Women have been portrayed negatively and innacurately for centuries and are still being
portrayed this way in magazines. You would think that with the introduction of the third wave of
feminism, these articles would no longer be written, published, and read, yet they are still
incredibly popular. To combat this and show just how wrong and exaggerated magazines are
with women and sex, Liza Featherstone wrote a three-page journal review with prime examples
of how this exaggeration is communicated.
From the beginning of this article, I was hooked. “Standing in line at the grocery store
almost anywhere in America, the hapless shopper is bombarded with insistent exhortatory
(Featherstone, 1). I have been in the exact situation that the women in the first sentence have
been. I remember reading a magazine title as “22 Sex Tricks Sure to Make Your Skin Glow” and
although I knew it couldn’t be true and I understood the ridiculousness of it, I still picked it up to
take a glance. I didn’t buy it or believe it but still, my hands grabbed for it, curious to see what
could possibly be written inside.
I thought it was interesting that an editor of a magazine, known for these scandalous
‘journalistic’ articles called out that all of the articles were written with lies. Part of me was
happy that they understood there was an issue and that all of it, from the shocking and headturning headline to the ‘witness testimonies’, were fake. The second part of me though was
angry! Why bring it up? Was anything going to change? Here is an editor of an amazing
magazine, Elle, and she had knowingly allowed her writers to edit and publish such ridiculous
and lie filled ‘journalistic’ articles.

As the article continued, my anger dissipated, and I was left once again surprised by the
reasons why editors lie. I assumed that the only reason these editors lied had to do with the idea...

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