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Research on the Illegal Immigration Issue, and describe the way the government and interest group are dealing with the issue. You will explore the pro and con sides of the issue, and what the two sides are doing with it. Finally, you will have a personal view on the issue. Paper should be 5-7 pages long including the title page and bibliography.. MLA format.

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Student Name
Illegal Immigration
➢ Pros of illegal immigration
➢ Cons of illegal immigration
➢ Government’s action on illegal immigration
➢ Interest groups’ action on illegal immigration
➢ Personal view on illegal immigration
➢ Conclusion

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Illegal Immigration
Illegal immigration is an escalating problem that poses a huge threat to social, economic,
and political systems. The practice causes an increase in the cost of healthcare, education, and
security as the government grapples with an unprecedented surge in population. Over the years,
state and federal governments have sought to enact stringent policies to deter illegal immigration
and cushion the legal immigrants and citizens from the adverse effects (Hoekstra and OrozcoAleman 231). Various interest groups, including humanitarian organizations and human rights
activists, have also joined the process to instill fairness and adherence to the rule of law. The
paper seeks to address the pros and cons of illegal immigration and the actions taken by the
government and interest groups in dealing with the situation. In dealing with illegal immigration,
the government plays the role of policy formulation and law enforcement part, while the interest
groups act as watchdogs to ensure that the policy formulation and enforcement adhere to the
requirements of human rights and dignity of human life.
Pros of illegal immigration
Illegal immigration plays a significant role in enhancing social, economic, and political
development in society. Though it is a vice, illegal immigration provides cheap labor for the
agricultural, corporate, and industrial sectors. Illegal immigrants take up any job that can sustain
their daily needs, which gives employers an upper hand in the remuneration decision-making
process (Bloemraad and Voss 14). The fact that illegal immigrants are undocumented acts as an

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advantage to businesses as they leverage on the inexpensive workforce to minimize production
costs and maximize profits. The economic benefits of illegal immigration also get felt by the
general consumer population that experiences low prices of products. Consequently, the
economy experiences steady growth as businesses pay more taxes from the increased revenues.
Illegal immigration also has social benefits as it enables population diversification and
good relations among people from different...

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