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In 3-4 pages, write a speech to public health professionals on the impact of public health policy. The focus of the speech should be the issue of immigration or LGBT rights. For the immigration issue, the policies you should incorporate are the DREAM Act, Arizona SB 1070, and the United States Supreme Court ruling on Arizona v United States (2012). For the LGBT rights topic, the policies you should incorporate are Military service, the Defense of Marriage Act, and the Supreme Court case United States v. Windsor (2013).

Use the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to illustrate your points and touch on the restrictions placed on these policies by the 10th Amendment. In other words, use these policies to answer the following questions for public health professionals:

  1. Why are citizenship, legal status, and access to the courts considered determinants of health?
  2. How does the 10th Amendment of the United States Constitution limit these factors?

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Immigration Speech


Immigration Speech

There is no doubt that the current immigration context in the United States presents a
critical challenge to public health. In many cases, immigrants suffer from accidental injuries,
cardiovascular events, some are pregnant while others are children who need to provided with
access to healthcare. However, due to the policies put in place, it has become difficult to help
some of these immigrants access quality care while on transit due the laws put in place. Research
shows that immigrants often choose to forgo the healthcare needs due to fear of interaction with
public agencies such as the police. One of the law that has played a role in this is the Arizona SB
1070 which states that it is a misdemeanor crime for any illegal alien who does not have the
required documents to be in Arizona. Considering that most illegal aliens make entry into the
country through Arizona, the law compromizes public health and safety.
The state of Alabama passed a similar law that had a direct impact on the people. A few
months after the law was passed, healthcare practitioners confirmed that some people were afraid
of getting the flue shot. One of the most important ways to safeguard public health is through
immunization against diseases. The Arizona SB 1070 act make it imp...

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