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Please read the case report, define the words in RED and answer the questions at the end of the case.

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Please read the case report, define the words in RED and answer the questions at the end of
the case.

Millie walked into a coffee shop, ordered coffee, and then sat

Please interpret the words

down at a table holding her coffee, staring into space. She sat

in RED

there for a long time and didn't even take a sip of her drink. Then
she began to weep quietly. No sound but tears welled in her eyes

Palpation- This is the

as she dabbed at her eyes with a napkin. Finally, she got up and

use of hands or fingers

walked out leaving her untasted coffee on the table. Millie had

by physicians to

just come from her doctor, an oncologist. A mass had been

diagnose a disease or

discovered during her last mammogram. Upon palpation, the

illness. The mastery

physician had detected a 3cm thickened neoplasm in the

and skill to detect the

inferior left quadrant of her right breast raising the concern of

location, shape, and

the possibility of carcinoma. The doctor scheduled Millie to

size of the object

undergo a biopsy, and, depending on the pathology of the

require a lot of

specimen, a lumpectomy. Millie had a neighbor drive her to the


outpatient facility and wait while she had the procedure then

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