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Subject of the paper: Final Paper - Povery

Requirement: I had to select a social issue (I chose Poverty), and compare it to a country in the global north, a country in the global south, and the USA. I have my countries from the global north and global south chose already in my outline. Directions for paper: My countries are: USA, Albania(global north), Haiti(global south)

You will use the content from your paper proposal to work towards your final paper. This paper is a synthesis of relevant literature presented in a way that thoughtfully explores the social problem based on the 3 chosen countries. There are supporting examples discussed when appropriate and it should clearly reflect the writer’s (your) voice (do not over-use quotes from sources)

1.Briefly define the nature and scope of the issue.

2.Discuss the historical perspective of the issue and how this has impact on the situation today. You need to consider how history, culture, any relevant “isms” (such as racism and sexism),art, economic systems, globalization, environments, geography, language, politics, religious traditions, science, or technology has shaped and impacted the chosen problem within and between the chosen countries.

3. Are there Human Rights violations and concerns around Social, Economic and or Environmental Justice with respect to this situation?Use relevant UN human rights documents in your explanation. There are multiple documents in addition to the Declaration of Human Rights.Choose based on the relevance to your topic.

4. Analyze the interconnectedness and/or interdependence between the chosen countries. This should be examined at the individual, community, nation-state, and internationally with local-global connections.

5. Give an example of an agency/program, and an international policy that is working to address the social issue.

6. APA/MLA format required for this 6-8 page paper. Minimum of 10 references that must be from 2010 or more recent, unless using a reference for historical purposes

! Attention ! I attached my outline.The infos which I listed thereneeds to be used in the final paper too.

Other information: The paper needs to be written in APA format and should follow the guidelines provided.

*** The work will be checked for plagiarism through Turnitin by the professor. It is essential for everything to be free of plagiarism otherwise sanctions will be imposed***


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Jason Savaro Social Issue: Poverty Poverty in America • 6 major welfare programs o TANF- Temporary Assistance for those in Need o Medicaid o SNAP- Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs o SSI- Supplemtnal Secuirty Income o EITC- Earned Income Tax Credit o Housing Assistance • Policies that help o The federal budget o Child Tax Credit o The Farm Bill • 38.1 million people lived in poverty USA in 2018 • Poverty rate in 2018 was 11.8% • Poverty Thresholds o 3 people - $19,985 o 4 people - $25,701 o 5 people - $30,459 o 6 people - $34,533 • Women in poverty 12.9% • Men in poverty 10.6% • Children in poverty 16.2% • Seniors in Poverty 9.7% Poverty in Albania (Global North) • Number of projects: 11 • Total money being borrowed: $718 million • Expanded 4.1% in 2018, but annual growth was expected to slow down to 2.9% • Expansion in domestic growth led growth, net exports reduced growth • Unemployment reached a record low of 11.5% • Poverty rate 34.6% living on less than $5.50 per day in 2019 • Programs/Projects o WBG- world bank group ▪ Introduced a SCD update for Albania – Systematic Country Diagnostic o CPF- country partnership framework ▪ Introduced a PLR – A progress and learning review o A Dam Safety Program Poverty in Haiti • Poorest country in the western hemisphere, GDP per capita of $870 in 2018 • Human index rating of 168 out of 189 countries • Over 6 million Haitians live below the poverty line on less than $2.41 per day • More than 2.5 million people fall below extreme poverty line, $1.23 per day • Rapid currency depreciation, high levels of inflation • Highly vulnerable to Natural disasters • Programs o World Bank Group program ▪ The world banks portfolio in Haiti is over $866 million and covers 20 active projects o CPF o International Development Association (IDA) allocated $260 million for Haiti in 2018-2020 o IFC – International Finance Corporations • Poor education • Poor health • Low water supply and poor sanitation • Energy, agriculture, disaster risk management improvements ...
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Running head: POVERTY


Poverty in the US, Albania, and Haiti
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Poverty in the US, Albania, and Haiti

Poverty is one of the socioeconomic issues that affect millions of people across the globe.
It refers to the inability of a person to access basic needs such as food, shelter, clean drinking
water, poor sanitation healthcare, education, and other social services. World Bank developed
non-income dimensions of poverty indicators, which are education, healthcare, access to social
services, social exclusion, vulnerability, and access to social capital. Based on these parameters,
a poor person can be identified as a person that has less income to purchase the basic needs such
as clothing, food, and shelter, among other essentials. The cost of living is geographically
dependent such that in the US, people who are classified as poor in San Francisco might not be
considered poor if they lived in Clay County, Kentucky. Poverty can also be defined as a chronic
and debilitating condition that arises from many synergistic risk factors and affects one's state of
mind, body, and soul. The risk factors associated with poverty can affect the socio-emotional,
physical, and cognitive wellbeing of children and their families (Pillow-Price, 2011).
US Poverty Rate
According to a 2017 report that was released by the US Census Bureau, the country
poverty rate was estimated at 12.3%. The report further states that according to the 2017 about
39.7 million Americans were living in poverty by 2017. In 2018, the poverty rate dropped by 0.5
percent to 11.8%, which confirms the declining poverty rate in the US. The number of poor
people decreased in 2018 to 38.1 million, which is 1.4 million fewer people as compared to 2017
(Deaton, 2018). Americans living rural areas are considered a true face of poverty, especially in
those living in Southwest regions where the living standards are a bit lower and unemployment
rate is relatively high. Seven states in the US with the highest poverty rates are located in the
South of country and they include; Mississippi (20.8% of population below the poverty line);



Louisiana (20%), Kentucky (18.5%), West Virginia (17.9%), Arkansas (17.2%), Alabama
(17.1%) and Georgia (16%) lead the way. The other three states are from the Southwest, which
are New Mexico (19.8%), Arizona (16.4%), and Oklahoma (16.3%). These areas have a long
history of poverty, and the main reason is that they were agricultural economies, and education
and innovation were not so emphasized.
Researchers have asserted that the positive and negative trend in poverty in the US can be
explained by factors such as changes in the composition of households, immigration, increased
skills and education of the poor, economic growth, and the welfare system`s generosity.
Important factors that have caused an increase in the poverty population share can be traced to
the rapid growth of households headed by unrelated indiv...

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