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MGT 101 Saudi Electronic University Administration Principles of Management Essay

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Assignment 2
Principles of Management (MGT101)
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Assignment 2
Super trends driving HP to change

Stiff competition is one of the super trends pushing HP to change its business model. The
market in which the company operates has become increasingly segmented, with other
companies bringing in specialized products and services. The competition also brings disruptive
innovation. Many companies operating in the industry cannot stand change, which has been
robust so far. For example, HP has relied on the sale of printers for many years. However, the
company just realized that many consumers now prefer ink-free photographs. Offering
specialized products and services has become vital, with companies like Apple Inc. developing
many of such commodities. Apple, specifically, has invested in providing specialized solutions.
As one of the major competitors for HP, Apple has given the company a run for its money. HP is
experiencing a lot of pressure due to competition and innovation.
Forces for change that force HP to undertake significant organizational change
Both internal and external factors are to blame for HP's sudden impetus for change. The
company is undergoing a lot of human resource concerns, and they have been a significant cause
of organizational change. For example, salespeople at the company rated the company's sales
tools at just 7 out of a possible 100, indicating the level of productivity in the company. If
employees lack confidence in the organization's systems and approaches, it calls for change. Jo...


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