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Write five-full pages on the topic below.

Explain how to evaluate a news source by focusing on a fake news story. Evaluate the ways in which the story and the website hosting the story illustrates a lack of credibility. Your thesis must address the following questions:

1. What aspects of the fake news article and the website hosting the story render the piece less than credible?

2. Why does it matter if people believe this story to be real? Why does it matter if we consume fake news? What is at stake?

3. In addition to citing the fake news article of your choice, you must cite at least one of the sources about fake news that we have examined during this unit.

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Fake News
Fake news is an epidemic that is slowly killing the morale and trust authenticity of many
individuals around the globe. It is unique and poses to create counterfeit information that tends to
ideologically have friction with the facts. Fake news tends to differ from hyperbole or farce and
deliberately spread the exact opposite with the motive of manipulating the public opinion. The
main diversion of the public arises when the content writer is in for financial, public or social
gain (Torky et al.). For fake news to be trusted, it does not have to be fake, sometimes it is made
to mislead. Sometimes it critically omits some crucial contextual information. Fake news
emanates from various avenues. This ranges from journalists, bloggers, websites, talk radio,
cable news, articles and individuals who want to gain from the news they want to manipulate to
fit their gains (Torky et al.). It, therefore, needs the government to step in and stabilize such
activities of misinformation to build trust and provide high-end quality of information that is
exposed to the general public.
Actual Fake News
There are many ways in which fake news have destabilized the Italian citizens. The fake news
has posited the mode in which people associate with each other. The propaganda has made Italy

have xenophobic war amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The Italian wing recedes its base because of
the desperate hard times it is undergoing through. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, their
xenophobic characteristics were well contained. When the Covid-19 was first announced in the
country, then fake news provoked the xenophobic nature that had been contained to be immense.
It all started as affectionate memes ("The Fake Coronavirus Stories Spreading In Italy"). But it
was ignored. When the social memes were shared widely in social media, articles and various
news cartels strategized on how to make use of the social memes about the virus. Their Prime
Minister Conte is said to have seen it grow from memes to devolved fake news.
Among the propagandist sites ...

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