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determine which one is doing better, and why. Select at least 6 elements from our list of Geography themes, from both the Physical Geography and Human Geography columns, and demonstrate how they are interacting.

Geography themes; physical landscape, ecosystems,agriculture, resources,climate,location,economics,history,people/culture,government,environmental damage, connectivity/isolation

write at least 8 paragraphs

The introductory paragraph is flexible. Here, you lay out the overall issue. You can be stylistic and put it together in whatever way you want, but it ultimately is leading to your thesis. The last sentence of your intro paragraph is your THESIS STATEMENT. Here, you condense your argument into one sentence. This is the essence of your insight and the centerpiece of the essay. The rest of the essay speaks to this sentence, reinforcing it and showing how it is the case. Keep in mind that, while there are facts and there is the possibility of getting information wrong, when it comes to the thesis there aren’t necessarily any right or wrong answers. The point is to think things through and show you can put it together. Each paragraph is its own contained thought or discussion. You want to have multiple aspects of the issue to back up your thesis. In the first body paragraph, explain and talk about the first one. When you are finished discussing it, it is time for a new paragraph. This helps you keep your thoughts and arguments organized. Otherwise, you are all over the place and mixing up things that don’t necessarily go together. The first sentence of each body paragraph is the TOPIC SENTENCE. This sentence says what that paragraph is about. Think of it as a mini introduction. This also helps you keep your thoughts organized. As you write your paragraph, ask yourself: is this relevant to the topic sentence, or is it somewhat unrelated and deserves its own paragraph? Include a Conclusion paragraph at the end which wraps things up. Do not include any new information here.

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Compare and Contrast
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Compare and Contrast

Megalopolis and Appalachian are regions in the US, yet their geographies are different.
Starting with the megapolis, the region is highly urbanized and based in the northeastern US.
This region was developed along the US northeastern coast by the gradual amalgamation of
significant independent metropolitan areas. The region is known for its common theme “urbanness” because millions of people living in this region rely on urban services. The region is
marked with various facilities mammoth shopping centers, small shops, apartment buildings,
refineries, and factories alongside other facilities. With the focus on the Appalachian, the region
is based in eastern North America. The region was formed about 480 million years ago in the
course of the Ordovician period. The region was once marked with the Alps and the Rocky
Mountains before the occurrence of natural erosion. People in the east can't travel to the west
because the region is attributed to valleys and ridgelines that make it hard to form a
transportation network (Raitz, 2019). To gain solid consent about the Appalachian and
Megalopolis regions, this assignment compares and contrasts the two regions in terms of
Compare and Contrast based on Geography Themes
Megalopolis is a region in the US that i...

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