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Focus on the purpose of telling the story through recounting specific events and scenes from memory, as though you were there at that point in time for your reader. Make the scene come alive with sensory details of color, sound, smell, taste, and touch. This is a standard five-paragraph essay with a clear introduction, including a thesis at the end of the introduction stating the main idea of the paper with three specific points you will focus on in each of the three body paragraphs. Each paragraph should focus on only one main idea in connection to the thesis. Focus on illustrations and examples to define and describe scenes to make your writing come to life for the reader. There should be a clear conclusion paragraph focusing on how you proved your main point in the purpose of telling the story in the thesis through the examples and illustrations you defined in the essay. Put your essay into a greater context. Define the purpose of telling your story and any valuable life lessons for your readers in the conclusion. There should be a minimum of five to six sentences in each paragraph that are complete sentence.

Each paragraph of your essay should contain an introduction paragraph that is a minimum of six sentences, three body paragraphs that are six to seven sentences proving the thesis statement that are presented in a chronological ordering of importance in terms of the purpose of telling your story. There should, then, be a conclusion paragraph reviewing the purpose of telling about your experience, by defining the examples and illustrations you presented to make your point.

The introduction should present an overview of each paragraph in a chronological ordering. There should be a topic sentence that is an attention getter in terms of presenting an interesting, yet general approach to defining the purpose of telling your story. You can pose a question, or write an anecdote regarding the general point of writing the one main idea in the paragraph. Do not stray from the one main idea of the paragraph connected to thesis. Outlining the main ideas will help with this. You can present some background context in a sentence before defining the main points of your paper to add cohesion to your topic. Then, write three sentences in a chronological order based on how you will construct the main scenes or events you will define from least important to the most important, in that order in terms of looking at the rhetorical situation based on the purpose of telling your story, and who you are writing to ( the audience). In general, start with the beginning of your holiday experience with your family and conclude with what you and your family do for the last event of celebration. Then, in the last sentence tie these main scenes that are the three main points with the most descriptive imagery and details defining the main points of your holiday experience that you will discuss in the paper into one main idea defining the purpose of telling your experience. This one main idea, or vantage point of telling the story is known as your thesis statement. List the three main points that you already discussed after stating the main idea of your essay so that you know the order in which you will write about these three main points proving the main idea of your paper.

In the next paragraph, transition from the thesis by connecting it to the first main point proving your thesis listed in the introduction. Define what begins the holiday with a particular scene with sensory details and imagery. In the topic sentence, which is the first sentence, define the general purpose of the paragraph in an interesting way. Then, present some background information in terms of how to set the scene in a sentence or two. Focus on one main aspect of the scene and, then, define it with specific examples and illustrations with sensory details and imagery. As you write the paragraph, you will gradually become more specific in your details of connecting one part of the scene or event to the next chronologically, until you reach the conclusion sentence, which should sum up the main point of the paragraph and tie it back into the thesis. Explain how the paragraph proves your thesis.

For the next two paragraphs, follow the same format. Always transition from the last paragraph in the topic sentence at the beginning of the paragraph by connecting the main idea in the last paragraph to the present paragraph's main idea in general. Each paragraph should only have information for one main idea proving your thesis.

Conclude by reviewing the main points of examples and illustrations you defined in the paper. Put your experience in a greater context. What life lessons and values did you learn, and how can this help your reader benefit from the telling of your experience? As the writer, you will constantly ask and answer questions. Avoid the use of questions, or the overuse of rhetorical questions because, as you write, you will connect these ideas into formulating your own central claims or ideas that you will define with examples and illustrations to prove your point in each paragraph.

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Holiday Celebration
There are numerous conventional celebrations I enjoy with my family before coming to the
U.S to study. The best holiday is in December where we celebrate Christmas. During these
celebrations, we usually exhibit our culture, background, and beliefs. Every year, within my
religion and culture, we celebrate Christmas. During this time of the year, there are family
gatherings, giving of gifts, festive costumes, and food. This makes it very memorable. The
climate is usually warm, creating an environment of e...

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