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Critical Thinking Argument
Based on the Supreme Court recently heard a case in which a baker refused to make a wedding
cake for a same-sex couples on religious grounds, he had no moral the right to refuse to service
the clients based on their sexual orientation. The baker made inappropriate decision to stop
offering the couple the service. It was discriminative decision regardless of the religion belief
and it was no convenient.
Kim Davis case
The case a baker is slightly different from the case of Kim Davis even though they are both
touching on the same-sex marriage, but we find that the baker was making his decision basing
the argument on the culture of his private business. According to the baker, his religious beliefs,
which might also have close ties to his private company, does not allow giving services to the
same marriage. But in the case of Kim Davis, we find that she was holding public office, which
does not provide room for discrimination. It is alwa...

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