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ALU IS Architecture Diagram of Steel Wheels Bi Solution Presentation

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The company’s data is spread across multiple independent database silos making it difficult to aggregate, reconcile, and facilitate the decision-making process in the organization. The company needs to ensure that everyone in the organization speaks the same business language and agrees on a standard definition of data terms in order to find a ‘Single Version of the Truth to drive to the right conclusion’. To overcome these challenges, the company made the decision to implement a BI solution. As a recently hired BI Manager in the company, you are tasked to lead and oversee the creation of the BI solution. Prepare and submit a 5 to 6 slide Power Point presentation (with voice recording and APA format) that includes the following:

  • Your proposed High-level IS Architecture Diagram of Steel Wheels’ BI solution
  • A description of each component in this Architecture.

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