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Do a vulnerability assessment of a place you work or another network you are familiar with. I want it to be a business network not your home network. Analyze the network for possible security vulnerabilities and loopholes that you know or think may exist. Be sure to include entry ways into the network. Don’t forget about physical security as well.

Do not violate any rules or laws your company may have.

Your report can be theoretical without having hard data that the vulnerability exists.


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Network vulnerability assessment
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Network vulnerability assessment
I work for a medium-size management consulting firm. The firm offers consultation
services in many management and business functions, including information security
governance, branding, human resources, and strategic planning. At the firm, network security is
vital. We have many clients, and some of them are competitors. One of our primary network
security objectives is to ensure the confidentiality of all our clients. The company has a modest
network infrastructure, including a LAN with Wi-Fi. There are about two dozen employees, each
with a computer that can access the organization's network.
The company uses a bring your own devices (BYOD) policy, which allows employees to work
using their own devices, including smartphones and personal computers. We have a database,
which most employees have access to for storing client information. The firm treats all
information about clients as sensitive, and it accords every piece of information maximum
protection. As a management consultant in the areas of information technology, the firm has to
set an example of network security. Our clients look up to us, and it is our responsibility to
ensure we secure whatever information they disclose to us about their businesses.
Identification of potential threats
One of the biggest network threats is the BYOD policy. The policy allows employees to
use devices that they are more comfortable with, but it also puts at risk the firm’s network (Smith
& Forman, 2014). With the policy in effect, people with bad intentions can easily access the
network through employees' devices, which also connect to the network. Phishing attacks are
also a significant threat. Most of the communication that occurs between the firm and its clients
is through emails. Phishing attacks occur when attackers disguise themselves as trusted entities



to send malicious links through email. According to Witts (2020), phishing attacks are the
biggest cybersecurity threats, accounting for over 90% of all attacks in the world. As such,
phishing is an area that the firm takes seriously.
Malware attacks, including viruses and trojans, are another source of potential threats.
Hackers create malicious codes that they use to access networks, thereby allowing them to access
protected information. Some of the origins of malware attacks include downloads from malicious
websites, spam emails, and connecting devices to infected machines. The BYOD policy makes
malware attacks such a credible threat since attackers can easily inject malware into the
company's network using employees' devices. Malware attacks give attackers back-door access
to the network, and with the BYOD policy in effect, the company is never too far away from the
threat that malicious downloads pose (Witts, 2020).
Ransomware is also on the rise as a form of network security threat. Ideally, attackers
encrypt company data and ask for a ransom to decrypt it. As a company that deals with many
large companies, we are never too far away from a ransomware attack. Working with big
companies puts a target on the firm. As Witts (2020) reports, ransomware often targets small and
medium-sized companies because they are less likely to have backed up their data. The firm,
firm, therefore, takes this threat seriously, and it has put in place mechanisms to reduce and
mitigate the risk.
Physical i...


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