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College of Computing and Informatics System Integration IT440 Assignment 2 Deadline: Wednesday 01/04/2020 @ 23:59 [Total Mark for this Assignment is 6] Student Details: Name: ID: CRN: 21837 Instructions: • • • • • • • • • You must submit two separate copies (one Word file and one PDF file)using the Assignment Template on Blackboard via the allocated folder. These files must not be in compressed format. It is your responsibility to check and make sure that you have uploaded both the correct files. Zero mark will be given if you try to bypass the SafeAssign (e.g. misspell words, remove spaces between words, hide characters, use different character sets or languages other than English or any kind of manipulation). Email submission will not be accepted. You are advised to make your work clear and well-presented; marks may be reduced for poor presentation. This includes filling your information on the cover page. You MUST show all your work, and text must not be converted into an image, unless specified otherwise by the question. Late submission will result in ZERO marks being awarded. The work should be your own, copying from students or other resources will result in ZERO marks. Use Times New Roman font for all your answers. Pg. 01 Learning Outcome(s): LO4 Question One Demonstratevario “Software Integration” is a procedure of merging two or more different software structures either mono-directional or bi-directional so that information and functionality flowamong that system efficiently. usprocedures andguidelinesimpl 1.5 Marks emented inthe organizations to ensure successful integration and transition. Using your own words, explain “Why thereis a need for Software Integration” and list some cases where “Software Integration”can help the organizations. Pg. 02 Learning Outcome(s): LO3 Illustrate the hard and soft constraints within the organization when transitioning from one model to another 1.5 Marks Question Two In “Software and Systems Integration” The test team is responsible for formal qualifications of a specified systemrequirement. Using your own words, explain “How the test team works inside the facilities operationswith other systems and software personnel?”. List the requirements verification documentation and show the flow with a neat diagram. Pg. 03 Learning Outcome(s): LO3 1.5 Marks Question Three Illustrate the hard and soft constraints within the organization when transitioning from one model to another What is software audit conducted by the subcontractor? How audit checklist can be helpfulin this regard? Pg. 04 1.5 Marks Learning Outcome(s): LO4 Demonstrate various procedures and guidelines implemented in the organizations to ensure successful integration and transition. Question Four Differentiate between physical configuration audit and functional configuration audit. Can these two audits be conducted concurrently? ...
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Software Integration
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Software Integration

Question1: the need for Software Integration
System integration is essential with the advancement of technology and the connected
need to ease processes and faster and easier management. An integrated system streamlines
processes promote efficiency, and minimize costs. Digital transformation is crucial for entities
to stay relevant and competitive in the globalized world (Bosch et al., 2017). Additionally, a
majority of organizations use different systems and applications that must be integrated based on
functional needs.

System integration is very beneficial to organizations. Data expands as

organizations grow; a majority of the organization struggle to manage the data they obtain from
individuals, suppliers, and clients. There is a need to align processes...

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