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What the paper MUST have, otherwise it's not acceptable by the professor.

  1. Pick a social problem that you are interested in researching- Domestic Violence (topic chosen)

Paper MAIN Content:

  1. A) Define the Social Problem
    1. Identify the social problem (1-2 paragraphs)
    2. How are you affected by this problem? (1 paragraph)
  2. B) Comparison of Theoretical Perspectives
    1. Define the problem based on the THREE theoretical perspectives (3 paragraphs)
    2. Which theoretical perspective do you prefer in explaining this social problem and why? (1paragraph)
  3. C) Solutions
    1. Identify at least one solution to the problem using EACH theoretical perspective (3paragraphs)
    2. What are some societal obstacles that would make these solutions unattainable (2paragraphs)
  4. D) Personal Opinion and Critique on the Problem and its Solution
    1. Defend your position on this problem using one of the theoretical perspectives
    2. Defend your position on what we can do to solve this problem

Paper MUST be: Estimated length of paper/project is 4-5 pages, double-spaced, APA format (MUST BE)

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Domestic Violence as a Social problem
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Domestic Violence as a Social problem

One of the biggest social problems being faced by America today is Domestic
Violence. It has devastating effects on the direct as well as indirect victims. Domestic
Violence has been treated by some as a private issue or a personal problem that takes place
behind the doors of a home. But it is an incorrect view of the problem. Domestic Violence is
a social problem, even if it takes place in the privacy of one's home.
Define the Social Problem
Domestic Violence is the abuse or Violence in a domestic setting, which can be in
marriage or cohabitation. It is a kind of behavior which aims at gaining control or power over
the partner, girlfriend/boyfriend, or spouse. There can be various forms of abuse which can
be present like physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse and economic abuse. There is a
particular cycle which is adopted during this abuse. First the tension building takes place, this
is followed by the attack or abuse and then it is followed by apologies. But the abuse doesn't
cease and takes place again. When the source of violent abuse is someone who had promised
to love, respect and equally partner with you in this life, the shock can be very high.
Domestic Violence is a very complex issue. There are a large number of social and
psychological factors which play a role in the creation of this issue. Many victims are not
able to leave the person who is the source of domestic Violence because they feel helpless.
They are not confident about starting life without their partner. They may also lack finan...


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