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The following is a take-home exam covering the material from the first part of the class, which focused largely on the UK and France.

--The exam is broken down into two sections – one on people and concepts (choose 5 out of the 10) ; the

second concerns larger topics and themes (choose 2 out of the 5).

**Section I. People and Concepts: Please provide a not long, one to two paragraph

answer on five of the following. Each answer counts for 10 points.

Mark Mazower

Stein Rokkan


The Glorious Revolution

Clement Attlee

The Winter of Discontent

Margaret Thatcher

Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Jackets)

Charles de Gaulle

Marine Le Pen

Answer two of the following for 25 points each:

1. It is said that the UK does not have a written constitution unlike the United

States and France. What kind of constitutional arrangement does the UK have?

How did it evolve? And does it provide for the basis of good government?

2. British and French political thinkers during the Enlightenment served up ideas

concerning the role of men/women in society and what type of political system

best suited them. Who were the key British and French thinkers and what exactly

did they have to say? Were there any major differences between them?

3. The Scottish Referendum and Brexit have been major tests of British

democracy. Considering the strains of each development, how did the British

political system handle these challenges? In answering the question define the

major points around the Scottish independence movement and why a majority of

British wanted to depart from the European Union.

4. The French Revolution is regarded as one of the major developments in French

history and politics. What were the principal forces behind the revolution, how

did it unfold and what are its legacies? In answering the question, were there any

theories that sought to explain the course of revolution and why we should pay

attention to it in today’s world?

5. Compare and contrast the British and French political systems. In answering

compare and contrast such institutions as the role of chief executive of

government, national legislatures and judicial systems.

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European politics


Institutional affiliation


European politics

Question 1

The United Kingdom takes a different constitutional approach in comparison to the other
countries that have a written constitution. In the United Kingdom, the constitution is as codified
as other countries would be since it is based on an unwritten form of constitution. As Blackburn
(2015) continues to add, that the United Kingdom constitution uses one formed acts of
parliament, court judgments, and conventions where the system also includes the Magna Carter.
Blackburn (2015) details that the unwritten constitution was first produced in 1258 and known as
the Provision of Oxford, which was given to the 24 council members who were governed by the
king. In regards to good governance, the unwritten constitution is able to make the UK a legal
partner in the European Union and establish a bill of rights and freedom actionable by the
authority of the court.

Question 4

In the event where policies in a country are not working to the benefit if the citizens,
there will always come moments when there will be a retaliation force that will uproot these
forces to create a balance. According to Von Guettner (2015), among the principal forces behind
the French Revolution include the struggle for hegemony, and the outstrip of fiscal resources by
the empires. Political conflicts were also among the reasons since the Monarchy, and the nobility
over the reforms made on the tax system and prompted paralysis and bankruptcy.

Some theories were in place and foresaw the implementation of the French revolution.
Among the theories include the influence of ideas and the role of people and violence (Schwartz,



n.d.). Schwartz (n.d.) affirms that the influence of idea is a theory that was able to get the French
citizens to speak out and take action since they had already prepared for the revolution in their
heads and were only focusing on making it a reality. The role of people and violence was another
theory that helped them differentiate the good and the bad and help determine that although civil
people supported the revolution, it was carried out by uncivilized actions.



Blackburn, R. (2015). Britain's unwritten constitution. Retrieved 23 March 2020, from

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