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The assignment (5 pages total):

Part 1:

1–2 paragraphs in which you:

  • Restate the dissertation topic you would like to pursue. (You identified this topic in your Week 3 Discussion post.)
  • Identify eight key words or descriptors specific to your topic that you are using to create library search queries. Please indicate the types of Boolean operators you used for completing these queries.

Part 2:

  • Complete an annotated bibliography of at least 10 articles from peer-reviewed journals that you are including in your literature review.
  • Based on this initial literature review, write a 1-paragraph statement in which you identify one or more gaps in the literature that may justify further exploration.

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The Impact of Stress and Depression on the Effectiveness of Police Officers: A Literature



The Impact of Stress and Depression on the Effectiveness of Police Officers: A Literature
Police offer work under very stressful circumstances. Many police officers work for long
hours, and there is always a lot of pressure on them. The cumulative effect of the pressure and
long working hours that the officers go through usually have adverse effects on them. In the long
run, many police officers end up being stressed and eventually getting depressed so much that
they experience poor health. Police officer players play an important role in the maintenance of
law and order all over the world. In the United States, police officers have been at the forefront
in making sure that there are law and order. Any issue that is capable of affecting service
delivery among police officers needs to be treated with great concern. In this paper, the primary
objective is to analyze the impact of stress and depression on the effectiveness of police officers.
Key Words
Police officers, stress, depression, police effectiveness, work environment, law and order, and
mental health.
Literature Review
Incidences of police stress and depression in the United States
Piquero (2018), in an article, the stress of police work leads to higher rates of
depression, anger, and burnout, takes a look at the incidences of stress-related work issues that
the police officers in Dallas face. The paper carried out a survey among 1,400 police officers in
Dallas, where it was apparent that many police officers experience work-related stress, and that
leads to erratic behavior such as gun misuse. Many of the police officers who are involved in gun



misuse are always those officers who are experiencing stress and depression. The author finds
that “our results showed that more experiences with organizational stress were related to higher
rates of depression, higher anger, and burnout. Environmental stressors were less important…”
(Piquero, 2018). From this study, it is notable that those work-related issues ...

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