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Choose one letter from each number and write one essay per letter. You should upload me one document with two essays on it. Do not combine the two questions into one essay.

Your essays should be well-developed, with an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. There is no length requirement, but I will consider answers fewer than 500 words as less developed than others.

You do not need a Works Cited, but if you quote, summarize, or paraphrase any text, you must cite it. Your response should not contain more than 10% summary, paraphrase, or quotation. In other words, the majority of your response should be analysis. Significant points will be deducted from answers that spend more time summarizing than analyzing.

The two texts are:

1. Alderman, Naomi. The Power

2. Eggers, David. The Circle

1. Privacy/Information and Commodities (Choose one of these)

a.How is privacy or information manipulated, controlled, or used against people in two of the texts we read?

b.How are basic commodities (like food, water, healthcare, shelter, clothing) used to manipulate people in at least two of the texts we read?

2. Power and Society (Choose one of these)

a.Examine ignorance in at least two texts we have read. Explain how forced or chosen ignorance leads to a usurpation of power and choice. With this option, you could pull different examples of how this plays out in society.

b.Define power and examine how it works in at least two texts. How do we define, manipulate, and capitalize on power? How can power be used to control others? Note: You may not rely on a dictionary (online or print) definition of power. Develop one that is based on the texts we’ve read so far.

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The Power and The Circle
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Essay 1: Privacy/Information
The texts, The Power by Alderman Naomi and The Cycle by David Egger, reflect on the
contemporary culture and the dangers of modernity. The development of modernity came at a
price at which the two authors work to explore in their work. The experiences of most of the
characters in the novel reflect on various ways through which modernity has created the social
issue. Although development in technology aimed to create social connections and faster
communication system, technology has also demonstrated a dark side that hurts people's lives.
The essay will focus on privacy, information manipulation, control, and use of information
against some people in society.
Privacy is one of the most important societal segment that is explored by Eggers in The
Circle. The growth of technology had a significant impact on privacy and access to information.
The way that user information is controlled and controls the life of the people is evident in the
way Eggers explores the character Mae Holland who is an ambitious college graduate. After Mae
joining The Circle, a company that she works for, it raises significant concern in the drawing of
the line between private and public life. The Circle puts everyone's life under surveillance, which
destroys the beauty of human interactions. At a point in the movies, the managers of The Circle
tell Mae that privacy is dangerous and selfish (Eggers, 2015). Privacy is critically important to
everyone and its restorative. Without privacy, many humans feel insecure about the exposure of
their darkness on the screens. Pricey can be described as the ...

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