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Class presentaion will include:

1) an overview of the person’s personal and professional life and outstanding accomplishments,

2) an original interactive activity with the class that utilizes/demonstrates/pertains to the theorist’s work, theory, model, etc. A ppt. does not constitute an interactive activity with the class.

*Activity cannot be one already found on the internet.

*Activity cannot be simply a short quiz on the theory

We will begin with Ch. 4 Montessori and go from there.

General Paper Rubric: (*Individual assignment rubrics can be found on Canvas in FILES)

The A (Excellent) Paper (5):

Basic criteria for the assignment (as outlined in this syllabus and in the specific assignment rubric) are met

Critical analyses are made which incorporate personal insights and demonstrate knowledge and understanding of topical and theoretical constructs, which are thus presented in a thorough and effective way

Topic is thoroughly addressed

Paper is well-organized and free of typographical and grammatical errors

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Albert Bandura
Institution Affiliations

Course Title

Personal and background information

Bandura was born last in a family of six children
His father and mother were from Poland and Ukraine respectively
They married and settled in Mundare Canada
He graduated from high school in 1946
Bandura perused a ba...

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