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Research and develop a MS Word document of at least 1000 word that:

1) Reviews one of the Case Studies mentioned on Slide 6.

2) Write a document that summarizes the Case Study.

3) State whether you are for or against the views in the study and why.

4) Write a one or two paragraph conclusion stating what would you say to a decision maker to persuade them.

Investigating Five Case Studies

Assessing the EU Policy Package in Climate Change and Renewables

•German Nuclear Phase-Out and Energy Transition Policy•

KNOW BRIDGE: Cross-Border Knowledge Bridge in the RES Cluster in East Slovakia and North Hungary •

KSR’s Strategy for the Use of Renewab

Model:management of domains related to energy in local authorities

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Final Answer


Running head: CASE STUDY


German Nuclear Phase-Out and Energy Transition Policy
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German Nuclear Phase-Out and Energy Transition Policy

The following case study is based on the German nuclear phase-out and energy transition
policy, also referred to as Energiewende. Germany plans to phase out every nuclear power plant
by the end of 2022 to incorporate the use of renewable energy. This will help to enhance the
energy efficiency of Germany and help in reducing the greenhouse gases emissions by 80 per
cent. Generally, the plan to transition from nuclear energy to that of fossil or renewable energy
will be of great benefit to both Germany and the surrounding countries. One of the interesting
facts about this transition of power is that four key objectives drive it. One is to reduce the
carbon emissions hence improving climate change; second is that the reduction of fossil energy
will help to enhance energy security. The third is to phase out nuclear power, and finally, the
policy will guarantee massive competition between different industries with the capacity to
produce renewable energy (Kuittinen & Velte, 2018).
The parties in charge of this initiative are the federal ministry of economic affairs and
energy together with other German stakeholders. For this policy to become a success, it depends
on the necessary upgraded technology, which will, in tu...

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