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Changing legal environment about medical marijuana 1. Companies should be prepared for a more lenient legal environment. i. More and more states are legalizing both recreational and medical marijuana every year. (States are also decriminalizing as well) ii. The possibility of federal legalization within the next 5-10 is high. 2. Preparing for these changes now instead of reacting to changing law while they happen can be a proactive measure that saves firms money. The above content is an outline I made just in case you are not clear about what to write. You can either use it or not. Please include headings and subheadings for different parts of the paper. The word limit for the paper is 750 -1000 double spaced words. Please have a reference page at the end of the paper and use scholarly sources. Cite them in APA style. Please include page numbers for every page. ...
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Marijuana is a drug consumed in most countries, even though its consumption and
distribution have been prohibited in most nations through the use of strict state laws. The strong
chemical obtained from the leaves and flowering shoots of the hemp plant make up marijuana.
Marijuana users are subject to addition. As much as the drug is termed to be illegal, some state
governments have begun the campaign of legalizing it for both medical and recreational purposes
(Gazo, 2018). Decriminalization policies were first initiated in the 1970s as medical laws were
being adopted. For instance, states such as Washington and Oregon have distanced themselves
from strict laws that prohibit marijuana consumption (Larkin Jr, 2018).
Over the preceding years, individual states have accepted and embraced the consumption
of marijuana for medical resolves despite its classification as a Schedule I narcotic (Gazo, 2018).
Thus, legal approval on tilting, distribution, sale, and consumption of marijuana for recreational
resolves has brought a lot of controversies and uncertainty from a business, social, and regulatory
perspective. Factors such as budgetary costs incurred with the arrests of nonviolent drug takers
and scientific research evidenced depicting the therapeutic advantages associated with marijuana
consumption have stirred the monitoring of marijuana laid policies.
Environmental laws that draw their relation to water rights, energy use, and pollution have
significantly impacted the marijuana business. In the quest to conserving the environment by
checking on pollution policies, environmental policies have been estab...

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