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Research a serial killer. Describe their childhood, education, employment, family life, etc. Then, using the theories of crime described in your textbook, choose which (there may be more than one) fits your particular serial killer. Why does that theory match? Your paper should be three (3) pages and should be written in APA format. Please use at least three (3) appropriate sources and cite those in your paper.

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Provide three (3) arguments for each position. Your paper should be approximately three (3) pages and should be written in APA format.

No plagiarism and make sure that you go in depth on the topics.

In your paper, cite references using the APA style guide format for in-text citation.

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Serial Killer Ted Bundy
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Serial Killer Ted Bundy
Serial killers are associated with the most brutal expressions of murders that modern
society have seen committing acts of violence that shake the existence of humanity. There are
apparent reasons why these somewhat ordinary people engaged in such acts of violence usually
cropping up from profound psychological and psycho-traumatic events in their lives. Deep
wounds are left behind from their acts, family members of the victims asking themselves
questions why their loved ones were targeting and holding strong feelings of hurt and anger
towards the assailant. Over the years, there have been serial killers who have shocked the news
with atrocities which many have described as animalistic and disturbing (Seltzer, 2013).
One of the most notorious serial killers to ever walk the face of the earth is Ted Bundy
who raised havoc with more than thirty confirmed assault, raping and brutal killing of innocent
young women. In the early 1970s, Ted Bundy killed and assaulted young women ranging from
as young as twelve to early twenties starting in the Pacific Northwest. Young women in colleges
around Oregon and Washington started disappearing at a high rate which led the authorities to
believe that there was something more significant. At a time when serial killings were almost
non-heard off, the authorities had a hard time concluding that a single person was responsible for
all the disappearing across several states right under their noses. Law enforcement officers had
little leads to tie Ted Bundy to the murders and were unable to pin the murders on him until
match later when he confessed to having killed thirty-six young women. The number is however
believed to be far much higher with some deaths lacking circumstantial evidence to tie them to



The most shocking of his tales was perhaps the abduction of Janice Ann Ott. And Denise
Marie Naslund in broad daylight at the Lake Sammamish State Park (Schmid, 2005). This was
perhaps the first time that the authorities were able to get the first promising eye witness
accounts which led to the break in the case. Ted had gotten bold and in so exposed himself to
more risk than he could get away with. People at the Rainier Picnic reported having seen the
missing women talking to an attractive young man with a hand sling named Ted. Other women
later stepped forwards saying he had tried to get them to his car. Footage from the picnic shows
Ted’s Volkswagen, which he used over the years to abduct girls, packed net to county sheriff
patrol cars as they were combing the park for the missing girls. The hand sling shed some light
on how Ted lured his victims to his car; it is suggested that he asked for assistance with perhaps
luggage and when they helped him to the boot, he would knock them unconscious. It is not clear
whether he murdered the girls on-site or where the bodies of several of his victims were found a
few miles away.
Ted Bundy was born to Eleanor Louise Cowell in Vermont, his father was unknown, but
some accounts of crucial witnesses in the case have claimed to know him as Lloyd Marshall or
Jack Worthington, this is claims it has never been confirmed. Born out of wedlock, Louise took
the child to her very religious parents in Philadelphia who raised him as their own to avoid the
shame that the child brought unto them. The grandfather of Ted occasionally flogged both him
and her mother, whom he lived knowing was her sister. Louise later moved to Tacoma, where he
married Johnnie Bundy whom Ted took his last name but did not respect him for being
uneducated and being a low-income earner. He was a relatively healthy child, bright and shy
raised in a stable working-class home. He started exhibiting weird traits in his teenage life



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